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Football meets Opera

Main Spanish club rivals F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid have both won coveted titles this year. How did the clubs and their fans celebrate? Football in Spain is not just a sport, it is a way of life. The Spanish like to go out to their local bar, where there will no doubt be an oversized TV screen in one corner, to watch a match. If they decide to watch at home, friends and family get together with beer and pizza, and settle down for a few hours to enjoy the game. If one of the teams scores, you’ll hear fireworks going off for each goal. No need then, to actually watch the game – well ce

It’s Goodbye to Public Telephones

High maintenance costs and falling usage account for the decision. The chances are you have never used a public phone in Spain. Maybe you have never even seen one? In case you haven’t, they are blue surrounded by glass. You might have passed one at an airport without a second glance. According to EL Economista they are to disappear completely by the end of this year, so if you do see one, take a photo as they will be a thing of the past before long. They were first installed in bar by Madrid’s Retiro Park in 1928 and you needed tokens to use them which you exchanged for coins. Under General Fr

Brit retirees set sights on Spain

Last week, data compiled by Quick Move Now revealed that online searches for terms relating to retiring in Spain have increased exponentially in the past 12 months. The findings were significant. It was revealed that the number of those Googling “retirement homes in Spain” had increased by an enormous 150 percent compared to the figure seen this time in 2015. Another popular search was “retire to Spain from UK” (which saw a 75 percent increase in searches year-on-year) It was also revealed that searches for “best places to retire in Spain” have doubled year-on-year.

How much does it cost to live in Spain compared to the UK?

It’s so important to get an idea of how much the everyday items you need to maintain your life, such as groceries and utility bills, will cost once you arrive in Spain. This week heralds the annual Cost of Living survey, comparing the cost of living in Spain to what you may be used to in the UK. We used the exchange rate GBP/EUR: 1.28 from 18th May 2016.

British investors “owed billions”

The Spanish property industry won’t want reminding of past problems, but a Supreme Court ruling and big cash repayments could boost the property market just as investors are seeing new value in Spain  

Amancio Ortega’s 80th Birthday Party

Amancio Ortega is a private man, who prefers to live simply. He never wears a tie and wasn’t photographed at all until 1999. You may not know him, but you will certainly know some of his shops, which are now present in practically every country in the world. His is a kind of rags to riches story. His father was a railway worker and today Ortega, a Spaniard, is the second richest man in the world.

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