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Keep up with the latest Spanish property market news here at Property Guides. We cover all the updates that matter if you’re looking to buy property in Spain, including legislation, market forecasts, and housing developments. You’ll also find handy tips and insights to help you on your buying journey. Read the latest Spanish property news below.


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How to survive the rising cost of living in Spain

While Spain ranks highly for affordability in Europe, it hasn’t escaped the rising prices brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing crisis in Ukraine. In this article, we share some top tips on how to not only survive, but also thrive, during the rising cost of living in Spain.

Bling or budget? 10 properties for sale in Spain for every buyer

With the much-anticipated Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend just around the corner, we thought we would showcase some of the most extravagant and glamourous Spanish homes that could even be viewed as ‘too good for the Queen’. Everyone loves a bit of window shopping, right? So feast your eyes on our five fabulous luxury properties for sale in Spain…

Horchata, Spain’s ultra healthy drink

Have you heard of Horchata or Orxata? Unless you live in Spain or spend a lot of time there, you probably don’t know about this unique beverage. Horchata is known throughout the country, but in the Valencian Community it is called Orxata. So, what is so special about it?

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