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Eating healthy for everyone in Spain

We are often told that the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest in the world. So, you might be surprised to learn that the Spanish government is introducing new measures to improve the health of the nation. The problem is that, as in many other western countries, fast food and a poor diet has led to a rise in obesity and other health issues.

Life as a novelist in Almería

For many of us, living in a beautiful Spanish village and spending our time writing novels sounds about as good as it gets. The only trouble is, Cherry had to leave her husband behind… Cherry Radford tells all, as she publishes her new novel, The Spanish Cove.

Summer sounds: the best music festivals in Spain

It is hot. Hotter than usual and for longer. The good news is that as the month continues, it will become cooler and more comfortable. The south of the country has seen record breaking temperatures, but even here in the northeast, it has been uncomfortably hot at times, especially at night.

Cutting down on food waste in Spain

Last month, the Spanish government introduced a new draft law to tackle food waste in the country. The shocking fact that Spain wastes 1.36 million tonnes of edibles and drinks each year has triggered a rethink of what to do with unwanted foodstuffs. Spain’s neighbour, France, began to deal with the problem back in 2016 when supermarkets and other large food outlets were banned from throwing away food and instead donated it to charities.

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