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Healthcare in Spain for UK workers and retirees

Healthcare in Spain for UK workers and retirees

The good news for British retirees moving to Spain is that their healthcare costs will be covered by the UK government via an S1 form. That’s even if they have moved there after the withdrawal agreement, or are moving in the future, and even covers dependents. For those visiting their Spanish holiday home their GHIC offers emergency cover. Here are the post-Brexit healthcare rules…

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Buying your home in Spain with golf in mind

There are so many reasons to buy a home in Spain; wonderful climate, great way of life, the cuisine, the people…  Plus, it can be really healthy! The opportunity to play golf, tennis or even swim in the Mediteranean all year, means that you can stay feeling and looking young well into your retirement. And if the weekend weather at home looks a bit grim, jump on a flight and your holiday home awaits!

10 reasonably priced properties in Spain

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced holiday home – or retirement property – in Spain, the 10 we have selected here are a little special. Property in Spain has never been expensive compared to similar Mediterranean hotspots, but the evidence is that it is particularly affordable right now.

“Our one-year-old was sick in the agent’s car… but that didn’t stop us falling in love with our Spanish home!”

For married couple Steve and Ailsa, the idea of owning a holiday home in Spain had always been something they’d dreamed of. Ailsa loved learning new languages – having studied linguistics at university – and had recently taken up Spanish lessons. But, with two young children and little knowledge of the overseas buying process, they were unsure where to even start.

7 pieces of good news from Spain

Let’s look on the bright side as we start what will be an exciting year for many of us. A year when we might buy a holiday home in Spain or enjoy that long-awaited and planned for retirement in the sun.

Living in Spain after Brexit: what you need to know

With the UK now out of the European Union, the British must start to follow many of the same rules and procedures as other third country nationals. However, while the visa processes for Americans, Australians and others are well established, they have not been for British long-stay visa applicants. Hence there is nowhere to apply just yet.

If you love the natural world, you’ll love Spain

Calling all nature lovers. If you’re looking for a holiday or retirement destination that offers sun, sea and plenty of nature, then Spain is a fantastic option. Often not given the credit it deserves, Spain is actually home to 16 national parks, a unique variety of climates and topography, and multiple animal conservation success stories.

5 Spanish seasides that ALL the family will love!

For many of us, a holiday home or move to Spain is all about spending more quality time with family. But what the toddlers will love may bore teenagers to tears, and those of us retiring will want entertainment all year, not just the summer. So here we take a look at some 5 seaside locations that are fun for all the family!

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