“I wanted something that worked hard for my money”: The Bacons’ investment property in Florida

Mark and Julie Bacon have had fantastic family holidays in Florida, but a recent property investment there has made them even bigger fans of the Sunshine State. They got the keys to their hotel-style apartment, or condo, in Orlando in September. Straight away they entered it into the on-site rental scheme and already are seeing a 7% return.

Picture perfect French property

You’ve seen the new film starring Willem Dafoe as Vincent van Gogh, you’ve fought for tickets at the impressionist exhibition at Tate Britain, now buy the French home where so many artists found inspiration. See some of those places our favourite painters found especially inspiring, and a few homes to get your own creative juices flowing! 
Where to buy abroad

Where to buy abroad

Decisions, decisions! Where to buy abroad? It’s hard enough to choose a country, then you have to decide on town or country, how close to the beach, resort or in the local community… It’s enough to make you want to take a siesta!