Property Guides, created by the Overseas Guides Company (OGC) is a free, impartial resource to help you buy property and move abroad safely and risk-free.

The Overseas Guides Company was founded almost 15 years ago by Kim Brown. Kim’s parents had bought a home in Cyprus in 2004, but, without access to the right information and with some contacts who turned out to be untrustworthy, it sadly ended unhappily.

Seeing the impact on her parents, Kim was determined not to let this happen to anyone else – and so she set up The Overseas Guides Company, to provide high-quality, carefully researched guidance for anyone buying their dream home abroad.

She soon realised that in-depth information alone was just the first step. Our readers also needed expert, trustworthy contacts to help them act on that information and turn that dream into reality. We now call these the ‘Golden Three’: your estate agent, your lawyer and your currency specialist. The Overseas Guides Company now has an extensive network of these across fourteen countries, and all are tried and tested to ensure the very best service for our readers. In fact, once you purchase, we will ask you for feedback on all partners you have used, to ensure continued quality of service.

Many of our partners hold prestigious industry awards. Some, like our currency specialist Smart Currency Exchange, also hold unbeatable consumer titles – they are currently ranked #1 on Trustpilot for money transfer, with over a thousand 5* reviews.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do, and our Property Specialists in our free Resource Centre in London give personalised guidance and introductions to other experts for hundreds of our readers every week. No question is too small, so please do get in touch with us on +44(0)20 7898 0549!

I just wanted to say how grateful I was to have the information I’d read in the guide long before I came over. It went as smoothly as if I was just moving within a few streets in the same town! Your advice meant I didn’t have to ‘scout around’ but merely decide the best option within registered professionals.

Mr. Bradford

Emigrated and used services recommended by the Resource Centre

Property Guides News and Content

Fortnightly newsletters/blogs: Property Guides produces fortnightly newsletters/blogs covering 13 of the main countries where the British like to buy. Each is written by a native British writer living in or closely associated with that country. These are chatty and readable, a friendly “voice on the ground” offering advice to readers. It also produces one newsletter per fortnight dedicated to other countries.

Daily news: As well as the newsletters/blogs, in-country writers and the team in London also report on any and all aspects of the overseas property market, as it happens. It could be new off-season airline routes to Greek islands, property price rises in the Florida property market, changes to inheritance laws in Spain.

News features: Each week we write a news feature, a more in-depth look at an issue of interest to our readership. Recent examples include the 20 Best Schools in Europe, the Most Affordable Properties in the World, the OGC Guide to Brexit.

Special Guides: These are specialist guides for download, 3,000-5,000 words long, covering the most important aspects of ownership and emigration abroad and allowing our readers to choose a location to buy based on their individual circumstances. Recent and forthcoming subjects cover healthcare, golden visas and ownership rights.

About the Overseas Guides Company team

Our senior team are seasoned overseas property industry experts, having garnered their extensive experience across many years in the overseas property industry, and are up to date with the latest news, insights and market developments.

Our Resource Centre team is always on hand to help our readers to understand the overseas buying process and connect them with the right people in their move overseas. The individuals on the team have a specific country specialisation, so they understand the buying process in that particular country, along with their strong relationships with our trusted partners in that country.

 The Overseas Guides Company Values

Individual – We strive to offer a unique service that our readers value and trust, with dedicated country experts on hand to help.

Nurturing – We help our readers throughout their journey from the initial research stage to after they purchase or move.

Safe – We are committed to working with partners whose service levels and values are aligned with ours, offering trustworthy resources from accredited professionals.

Professional – We are a professional, award-winning organisation who are proud of our values and commitment to customer service.

Industry leading – Our staff are experts in the property industry and we always ensure we are providing the most up-to-date, quality information and services.

Reliable – The Company and all within it deliver on their promises and commitments.

Educational – Quality information is so important when buying or moving overseas and we are the place to come to at any stage of the process.

Company Information

Property Guides
1 Lyric Square, Hammersmith,
London W6 0NB

Phone: (+44) 020 7898 0549

Email: [email protected]

We are open from 8:30am to 6pm weekdays (excluding UK bank holidays).

The Overseas Guides Company

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