Italian Heritage Open Day

Restoring Italy’s historic buildings is one part of FAI’s mission to save Italy’s heritage from falling into disrepair, and everyone across Italy is being encouraged to support the open day on 15th October. The “Fondazione Italiano Environment” (FAI) was founded in... read more

Why retiring abroad will improve your well being!

A warmer, more enjoyable lifestyle is the main reason thousands of British retirees continue to move abroad each year. But how many of us realise that retiring to Continental Europe is likely to make us healthier and potentially prolong our life too? According to... read more

Schooling in Italy

Are you concerned about how well your children will settle into an Italian school? I have spoken to a family who have already done it and compiled a guide to the Italian school system. The biggest difference you will find in Italian schools is the long summer... read more

And now for some good news from Spain

Spain has been in the press for all the wrong reasons recently, but there is good news too. Andalusia is eliminating inheritance tax for estates worth less than €I million, Spanish store prices are stable, taxi drivers are learning English and Game of Thrones is... read more

Expat rights post Brexit

UK citizens residing in the EU will be hopeful of retaining their right to live and work overseas, after the UK government promised to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK. Some positive news this week for those concerned about their status in Europe once the... read more

Tropical seas but without the hurricanes

We’ve all see the terrible scenes from the Caribbean in recent weeks as hurricane after hurricane has left its trail of destruction. One set of islands that’s also washed by tropical seas but is both closer and sheltered from hurricanes, is Cape Verde. Property tends... read more

Colin Firth gets Italian citizenship

When Colin Firth fell in love with Italian filmmaker Livia Giuggioli, he also fell in love with Italy. He has already demonstrated his love by learning Italian fluently and giving their two sons Italian names, Luca and Matteo. Now, the Italian interior ministry have... read more
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