Buy before the Spring

Buy before the Spring

The sale of residential properties in Italy increased by 2.8% in the spring of 2017, compared to the same period in the previous year. Spring in Italy is beautiful, with all the wild flowers and mild temperatures, making April, May and June popular months to buy... read more

Affordable property in central France

Bargain hunters in France should head inland to an area slightly west of the country’s centre for the best deals, according to recent statistics showing the nationwide variance in houses prices. The two cheapest places to buy resale houses in France are Châteauroux... read more

Seven reasons to move to Milan

Due to Brexit, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) is leaving London. Yesterday Milan held its breath as a secret ballot decided if the city would be chosen as its new home. One Italian newspaper likened the ballot to the Eurovision song contest, the Palio di Siena and... read more

Portuguese property values on the up

Property values in Portugal have risen to a six-year high. This is the latest development in a run of good news for the country, which includes the second economy boosting Lisbon Web Summit which took place in the capital recently. Property values increase Portugal... read more

Year of Italian food

The Italian Ministers of Cultural Heritage and Agricultural Policies have announced that 2018 will be the year of “Italian food”. Italy is the fifth destination in the world for international arrivals, with 52 million visitors in 2016. Two out of three of these... read more

France’s November news updates

The popularity of President Macron has cooled, but at least the coming of winter means you’re safe from eviction until Easter. Also this month, parcel deliveries begin on a Sunday, and the process of getting both a new car and a new spouse just got easier! At the... read more

Currency’s Halloween nightmare for homebuyers

The pound has been rising for days on the expectation of a rate rise. Then it happened, but the devil was in the detail of the announcement and the pound dropped. If this all leaves you wondering how on earth you can budget for a home abroad, we may have an answer.... read more
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