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French elections: what happens now?

The current President of France, Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen have emerged as the frontrunners of the presidential election after the first round. But what happens now and when will France declare a new President?

A tapas war in Granada

Complimentary tapas with your drink is a much-loved part of life and culture in Granada and Andalusia in general. But this long-standing tradition has come under threat recently. Is this the end of free tapas in Granada?

The man who said arrivederci to Jamie Oliver and ciao to a one-euro home in Italy

We’ve all heard about Italy’s one-euro homes, but in practice, does anyone ever buy one? And many of us have imagined starting afresh in a new country and making a real difference in the world. One man who moved from a flat in north London to Sicily shows just what opportunities are out there, at minimal cost, if you’re willing to be bold.
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