Buying in Cyprus, part six: buying system

We’re now on the final part of our serialisation of Buying in Cyprus, and that means we’re looking at the legal process of buying a house in Cyprus. Unlike many continental European countries, the Cypriot system does have more similarities to British law, which is great news for buyers. However, there are still some key differences, especially as an overseas buyer, so keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Buying in Greece, part six: the buying system

We have the same right to buy in Greece as the locals – and will continue to do so after Brexit, like other third-country nationals from places like Australia. The buying system in Greece is different to the UK, so make sure you follow our outline to keep everything on track.

How to be an expat in France

My husband and I moved to France 9 years ago, thereby joining the 290,000 or so British people who have already established their permanent homes in France. Of the 1.3 million Brits who live outside of Britain in Europe, France is the third most popular country in which to choose to live. France’s lure is pretty obvious: a big, beautiful country with generally a laid back lifestyle, glorious space, rich history, wonderful food and wine, culture, fabulous coastlines and a good climate. So, what does one need to make a success of moving as an expat to France and how does one go about it?

Brexit-proof your move to Italy – deal or no deal!

Time’s running out on Brexit, but is it really going to be over for British people buying in Italy? Media hype makes many think so, but British buyers in Italy have risen by over 14% in the last year. They know something the others don’t – and that something is how to ‘Brexit-proof’ their plans. They know how to move to Italy whatever happens, and they’re already planning how to do it.

‘Brexit-proof’ your move overseas – deal or no deal!

The deadline’s getting ever closer on Brexit, but is it really going to mean that time’s up on your dreams of moving overseas? There’s a lot of hype and sensationalism in the media, but the numbers of British buying properties abroad is up in many regions – so what do they know that others don’t? Is it possible to move to Europe after Brexit?

France’s stable property market is a huge opportunity during Brexit

We’re entering into one of the busiest periods of the year for overseas property, and, even though the Brexit deadline’s in just three months, the number of buyers from the UK is actually growing. It’s no wonder when you consider how stable the market is in France: it’s a huge opportunity in a time of uncertainty back home. Even with a no-deal Brexit, British buyers will still be able to purchase here, so the French property market in 2019 is looking full of promise! Here’s your round-up of what happened last year and what’s coming up.
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