Where to buy on the coast of Catalonia

While many British buyers fly over Catalonia on their way to the southern costas, local expat Sally Veall explains what they’re missing out on, when they ignore our closest Spanish province and its vibrant city, Barcelona.

Buying in Cyprus: Your visa and healthcare questions answered

Travel to Cyprus is back and it’s time to get excited again about buying property there. But since we could last easily buy in Cyprus, the Brexit transition period has been and gone. So, what has changed regarding visas and healthcare? We asked two experts your top questions, as sent in to us at cyprus@propertyguides.com.  

What would a million euros buy you in Italy?

In Italy, one million euros doesn’t just buy you an impressive property but an extravagant Italian lifestyle and beautiful surroundings too. So, whether you have a bulging budget or are simply window shopping, we take a look at what one million euros would buy you in some of the most sought-after areas of Italy.

Homes near the best Blue Flag beaches in Italy

This summer, Italy is proudly flying 416 prestigious ‘Blue Flags’ (Bandiera blu) on its cleanest, safest and most environmentally friendly beaches, marinas and tourist ports. This number includes 15 new additions to the list. So, where should you buy property if you want to be near the best Blue Flag beaches in Italy?

5 of the best Greek islands for sailing

Greek island hopping is on many people’s bucket lists. Whether in your own boat or a rental, there really is no better way to explore and enjoy the islands than by sea. If you’re a keen sailor, then you may also be wondering where to buy property to use as a base for regular sailing holidays in Greece.

Buying in Greece, your property, visa and legal questions answered

Travel to Greece is back again, with budget airlines close to their usual summer schedules and the sun shining on half-full resorts from Ithaca to Evia. But can we buy there, can we move there, what do we need for a golden visa or retirement visa and what’s happened to prices? We asked two experts on buying in Greece your top questions, as sent in to us at greece@propertyguides.com.