Greece is more than just her islands  

When we hear “Greece”, we picture the long, beautiful beaches of Corfu, Mykonos and Crete. But, in the name of “sustainable tourism”, Greece is calling for tourists to spend time in the lesser-known areas. 

The future of the Australian property market

Thinking of purchasing property in Australia? This is an overview the changes to the property market since the pandemic. Finally, we will look to what the future looks like for the Australian property market.

Unusual homes in Italy attract house buyers

Italians are known for style, for imbuing everything with care and beauty. That extends to its homes too, which can translate into some interesting and unusual homes in Italy. 

Buying in France? Here’s what to look for in an estate agent

Connecting with estate agents is a key step in finding your dream home overseas, wherever that may be. According to a survey we conducted, 70% of buyers in France rated a good estate agent as the most important element in a successful purchase in France.