How to pay for an Irish property

Many of us would love to buy a home in Ireland but don’t have the cash to buy. Or rather, we think we don’t. The truth, however, is that for many potential buyers in Ireland there are all sorts of ways to raise the money, some involving little sacrifice – simply using your assets better. Here are some potential ways to raise finance for an Irish property.
The growing appeal of fly to let investment

The growing appeal of fly to let investment

If your UK property investments aren’t paying out as well as they used to, is it time to look elsewhere in the world? Certainly you won’t be alone, as more and more investors see the value in “fly to let”. The signs point, once again, to residential property being a safe (and rather enjoyable) way to invest your money. Here is why.

“We thought, there’s another life out there for us”: Sally’s new holiday home in Liguria

In just a few months, Sally and Jeremy, from Bath, have gone from dreaming of a holiday home in Italy to having the keys to their own apartment in beautiful Liguria in hand. They told us about their property search, their plans for the future and how an introduction to the right estate agent helped smooth the path immensely.