Escape the rain: buy a home in Almería

If you are longing for a property far from the rain, may we suggest amazing Almería. We look at the Spanish province that is home to the Tabernas Desert. Its climate, its history as a film set, its landmarks, its tapas…and of course, what kind of property you can expect to find there. Spoiler: Almería is one of the more affordable costs for homes, even right by the sea.    

10 charming homes in irresistible Ireland

While the property market in Ireland has been in the news recently in relation to high property prices, the Ireland housing index revealed that residential home prices actually decreased in January of this year.

Where in America can I find an affordable home?

Are your sights on owning a home in America but you don’t have a big budget? We look at which states have average home values below the national average. From the mountains of West Virginia to the lively music scenes of Tennessee, we reveal why you want to own a home in each of these states.  

The top 10 villages in France

There are numerous wonderful villages across France, sometimes it is hard to choose one’s favourite! However, French association Villes et Villages où il fait bon vivre, has released the top towns and villages in France rated according to quality of life.

Our pick of city apartments in Spain

Here is our choice of brilliant apartments that are either in a city centre or vibrant town.  These homes are best suited to those that want to live close to the action.