How to find your Italian interior design style

Italian style can be summed up as understated timeless luxury. Italians make glamour look effortless. They can put a crisp white shirt and jacket with a pair of brand name jeans, and look like a movie star. Whether making clothes or furniture you will find simple stylish lines, quality materials and great workmanship. Italian designers, artists, craftspeople and furniture makers have a passion for what they do.

Picture perfect French property

You’ve seen the new film starring Willem Dafoe as Vincent van Gogh, you’ve fought for tickets at the impressionist exhibition at Tate Britain, now buy the French home where so many artists found inspiration. See some of those places our favourite painters found especially inspiring, and a few homes to get your own creative juices flowing! 

Can you retire to the USA?

It’s here: the ultimate ‘me time’! Sweet, sweet retirement. If you’re determined to make the most of it, good for you! Today we’re taking a closer look at retiring to the USA, considering your visa and healthcare options, as well as some fantastic corners of the country where you can start your search.

Learning French for property buyers

So you’re heading off on that property viewing trip. At last! But when a long-cherished dream gets real, you might suddenly feel far from your comfort zone, and very foreign! Learning a little bit of French for property buyers puts you in control. But which is the best way to learn? Christopher Nye investigates your options.