It’s time to take another look at Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa has gained notoriety as a clubbers’ paradise for younger Brits. But as our writer there explains, there’s a lot more to this sundrenched side of Cyprus than you may think. Here’s why we love it.

Where is the best weather in Italy?

Many of us love Italy for its warm Mediterranean climate and seemingly endless summers. But there are wide variations between regions, so which part of Italy offers the most sunshine and the least rain?

Viewing trip need to knows (and a free guide!)

Many of our readers are planning a property viewing trip to Spain. How exciting! And a little nerve-wracking too, finally choosing a home after years of planning. So what you need to know to do it safely? 

Canary Island Life: buying property in Lanzarote

How do you like the idea of living somewhere where winter doesn’t exist? It’s completely possible if you buy a property in beguiling, beautiful Lanzarote, the most easterly of Spain’s Canary Islands. 

Let’s retire to the Costa Cálida

Warm, relaxed, scenic and affordable, who wouldn’t want to live in the province of Murcia and its aptly named Mediterranean coast, the Costa Cálida? But where should you buy on this sun-drenched corner of southeast Spain and what will you spend your time doing? We went to investigate.

Where to buy in the city of Málaga

It’s one of Spain’s coolest cities, with beaches, art, nightlife, and an amazing culinary scene and cafe culture. Plus, the sun shines here twice as much as in the UK! But where should you buy a property in the city of Málaga, and what will you pay?