Top news stories for property buyers in Spain

We’ve got top news stories for homebuyers and property owners in Spain. There are rumblings that the golden visa scheme could change or even end. Plus, Spain’s new Housing Law is favouring tenants over landlords. 

Where in Portugal will suit you best?

If you’re thinking about moving to Portugal, or investing in a holiday home there, you have an exciting journey ahead, and plenty of fun decisions to make. From Northern Portugal to the Algarve to the Azores Islands, we look at areas in Portugal, so that you can decide where you would most like to own a home. 

4 Greek towns a short drive from an airport

When you step out of the airport, do you long to get to your accommodation as quickly as possible? Are you anxious to jump into your shorts and T-shirt, and relax in the sun. Then you should consider buying a home in a Greek town that is a short drive from an airport.

Five fabulous inland gems in the Algarve

Most of the action on the Algarve happens on the coast, where pretty beaches and friendly tourist resorts are the main draw. Head upcountry though and you’ll find some charming old towns and villages, where the slower lifestyle is more Portuguese and better suited to year-round living. We’ve picked five of our favourite inland communities and a property you could buy in each!

10 homes for under €150,000 along the Costa Blanca

Can’t shake the dream of owning a home on the wonderful Costa Blanca but don’t have thousands to spend? Don’t dash your dreams to the curb side yet! We have over 2,000 for €150,000 and on our property portal. Here is a selection of our favourites. 

Why spring is a great time for your viewing trip to Greece

With a winning combination of an increase in the number of direct flights from the UK to Greece and pleasant, warm weather, we discuss why spring is an ideal time for going on a viewing trip and setting your property plans in motion.