5 quirky Spanish beach towns

Spain enjoys over 3,000 miles of coastline and has more Blue Flag beaches than any other country! With beautiful coastal towns in abundance, it can be tricky to narrow down your property search.

5 places to buy close to the centre of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world’s top tourist destinations owing to its unique location and architectural style, its culture and beaches. Prior to 1992 the city was somewhat in poor shape but when it was chosen to host the Olympic Games that year, a great refurbishment took place, making it a modern, vibrant city which today is not only a centre of tourism but where numerous foreign companies have set up offices.

Why learning a bit of Spanish can be a lifesaver when buying a home in Spain

“You’re in Spain. You can’t expect everyone to speak English, and an attempt at some Spanish will definitely be appreciated by the locals. It will also make your early days in Spain a lot easier – take it from me!” says Ailsa, a Spanish homeowner who is now 15 years into her Spanish language learning journey.

Decorating your Spanish home

So, you’ve found your perfect Spanish home. The chances are you will want to decorate it to reflect your tastes. But how would you go about it and where can you find inspiration? Our Spanish writer Sally, who also happens to be a retired interior designer, gives us her top tips for decorating your Spanish home…

Spain’s Golden Visa: invest your way to residency

Since the UK has left the European Union, British residents can no longer live and work in Spain as they please. For tourists or short-term visitors, nothing has really changed: you can enter Spain without a visa, but you can only stay for 90 days within a 180-day period. However, those who want to spend longer than this in Spain – perhaps for retirement or a permanent move – will need a visa.