Do you dare to buy “sight unseen” in Spain?

Covid-19 may be preventing us from travelling to Spain right now, but it needn’t stop us buying a home there. Estate agents are doing virtual viewings and video walkthroughs of properties, and lawyers and notaries are all working remotely. Moreover, faced with a potential second summer of lost revenue, some holiday home owners are selling at bargain prices.

Why international buyers love the Western Algarve

Ah, the Algarve. Known around the globe for its prestigious golf and leisure resorts, golden sandy coves and lively nightlife. But there is so much more to Portugal’s Faro district. If you want to experience the authentic Portuguese lifestyle, head west…

Empty nesters in Greece: how and where to spend your new-found free time

You’re child-free now, which means more ‘me-time’! The world is your oyster, so why not get out and explore? If you’re feeling anything like bored housewife Shirley Valentine did in the 1989 comedy film, life can seem quite repetitive in the UK. Greece offers a range of exciting activities and projects so you can make the most of your new-found freedom.

A postcard from Corfu

Exactly a year ago, Corfu property specialist Diane returned from London to Corfu, knowing that there was some sort of virus beginning to spread. Heathrow seemed to have normal passenger volume, but Athens airport was very quiet and shortly after her return, Greece went into its first lockdown. There were no UK incoming flights to Corfu’s regional airports until July. 

A holiday home in Puglia, Italy

When you own a holiday home in Puglia, you can escape to your own feel-good space surrounded by trees, sea and sunshine. Where else can you find countryside villas, townhouses and apartments, a short distance from the sea, at such great prices?

Portugal’s Golden Visa: invest your way to residency

If you want to live in Portugal post-Brexit, some things have changed. British people are now considered “third-country nationals” in EU member states. This means that we no longer have freedom of movement within the Schengen zone and can only spend 90 days there, within a 180-day period.