10 reasonably priced properties for sale abroad

10 reasonably priced properties for sale abroad

Your money can go much further overseas and, this week, we’re taking a look at some of the best properties on the market, from converted windmills and seafront apartments to village houses and high-spec condos.

Explore northern Italy with the Giro d’Italia

We look at five locations in five of Italy’s most popular northern regions, each surrounded by stunning scenery. Northern Italy is so accessible, and always rates highly for quality of life. Whether you enjoy the buzz of a city or relaxing by a lake, there is something for everyone. I have taken another look at the route of next year’s famous cycle race, the Giro d’Italia, and picked one place in each of the five northern regions that it passes through. One or two you may have heard of, but the great thing about Italy is discovering those amazing places that are less well known to tourists.

Let’s retire to…Corfu

Greece and the islands are becoming increasingly property as retirement locations, and as the tourist market continues to expand, so too does the market for people imminently retiring, or planning their retirement.

How does healthcare in Greece work?

If you are buying, or have bought a property in Greece, one of the first things you need to do is register with a doctor and decide what to do about your health insurance. Wherever you live or intend living in Greece there will be a choice of doctor’s practices near your home.

Bling or budget: property in the Western Algarve

Have you been looking at property for sale in the western Algarve? If so, you’ve no doubt come across plenty of striking villas, complete with bags of space and shimmering swimming pools. 

If you have these 15 skills, Australia wants you!

Lots of people want to move to Australia, but Australia doesn’t always want lots of people! However, do not despair. If you have a skilled occupation, you could be in luck. There are currently over two hundred jobs on the Skilled Occupation List, from healthcare professionals to designers, and the list is always changing.