The most affordable seaside locations in Europe

The most affordable seaside locations in Europe

Southern Europe’s coastline is roughly 30,000 kilometres long, and not all of it is as expensive as Marbella or the French Riviera! So which are the more affordable bits? Here is our pick of the resorts and locations where your pounds go a bit further.

Using equity release to buy in Spain

We know that life in the Spanish sunshine is healthier, that property there looks to be a good investment right now and that holiday home ownership is unaffected by Brexit. But what if you need a few more funds to buy a home in Spain? The good news is that for UK homeowners aged 55 and over, equity release offers a route to buying easily and quickly, using your own assets.  Our equity release partner Responsible Life explains….

What is Christmas like in New Zealand?

From BBQs on the beach to Santa parades and the brilliant crimson ‘New Zealand Christmas tree’, we look at the essential ingredients to have yourself a very Kiwi Christmas in the heat of the summer.

The Rhône-Alpes: where you can sunbathe and ski

The Rhône-Alpes is one of the most stunning and prosperous areas of France not only for its winter sports but for its thriving cities, spectacular mountains, rivers and countryside, excellent climate and sound investment opportunities. There are some simply wonderful properties for sale here too!

Let’s retire to…Monchique

For many people, Portugal’s Algarve is all about shimmering beaches and fresh seafood. However, there’s a whole inland section of the region with plenty of charms of its own. If a market town with mountain vistas appeals to you more than a coastal resort, it could be a great idea to retire to Monchique.

Sun, sea, sand…and mountains

When you think of Greece, you probably conjure up images of sun, sea and sand. I doubt you get to mountains. However, there are many mountains in Greece, with the highest on the mainland being Mount Olympus, legendary home of Zeus and the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. The peak, Mytikas, is 2,918 metres.