8 affordable French properties to discover

Did you know the French work to live, rather than live to work? It’s one of the biggest advantages to living in France. As a country, France promotes a healthy work-life balance and actually has laws regarding weekend emailing.

Why buying property in France is an investment

A recent study carried out by real estate broker MeilleurTaux reported that it takes an approximate of 13 years and 8 months to make the purchase of your principal residence profitable, when compared with renting.

Five family friendly locations to buy in Cyprus

It’s a well-known fact that Cyprus loves families. Having lived here now for 25 years, I still appreciate how much this country welcomes children. You will always see the locals saying a kind word to them, and they will often give children a sweet treat in restaurants. The family unit here is very strong and it is undoubtedly part of the Cypriot culture. Here are five places to live in Cyprus that are great for children.