Swapping the city for the French countryside

Looking for a lifestyle change or a new way of working and living? Particularly for those of us who hail from big towns and cities in the UK, living in rural France is literally a breath of fresh air!

How do you get a mortgage in New Zealand?

When you’ve found that dream home and it’s time to buy, chances are you’ll need to secure a mortgage to do so. We investigate how mortgages work in New Zealand, how you can lock yours in and reveal what actions you can take to make the process smooth and easy.  

Reasonably priced Italian homes

When buying property, your money goes a lot further in Italy. Even in the most popular areas you can still buy a gorgeous home for little more than £100,000. We’ve found eight rather special homes…

Orlando homes raced ahead in 2019

Official figures just released shows that property in Florida is shooting up in price. And the biggest rises are in those parts of the state most popular with British buyers. With home values in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa and Clearwater rising by as much as 10% last year, don’t risk missing out!