Should you invest in Spanish property in 2023?

A recent report by global property specialists has shown that investors are increasingly interested in property in Spain. We look into these figures and provide useful information on taxes to be aware of if you plan to rent out a Spanish property.   

Why Malaga is the no.1 “alternative capital” and our pick of homes within its reach

Malaga has just earned the title of no.1 “alternative capital” in the world. Famed for being the capital of the Costa del Sol and the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, we outline why we think Malaga is worthy of this title. To finish off, we’ve found some properties nearby– so that you can experience this fantastic city whenever you like.  

A trip along the Costa Brava

Our writer in Spain, Sally Veal, takes us on a journey along the northern part of the Costa Brava, Catalonia.

Australia property market update

After dramatic rises in property prices followed by steep lows, we give you the latest data on the Australian property market. As ever, the market is different across the country, with Sydney seeing continued falls and Melbourne’s prices edging upwards.