7 tips for living in France on €1231 per month

Living in France has so many benefits: the laidback lifestyle, the space, the beauty of the countryside, the rivers, the fantastic food and wine – the list goes on! It’s no wonder that France remains one of the most popular countries in Europe for Brits to travel to, buy a home in and generally consider as our closest neighbour.

What would a million euros buy you in Italy?

In Italy, one million euros doesn’t just buy you an impressive property but an extravagant Italian lifestyle and beautiful surroundings too. So, whether you have a bulging budget or are simply window shopping, we take a look at what one million euros would buy you in some of the most sought-after areas of Italy.

Your Portuguese home from home

Some of us want to immerse ourselves in Portugal and get as far away from fellow Brits, Americans, Germans and other expats as possible. And some want to join a friendly bunch and become part of the international community. You can do either very easily in Portugal. This article is for those who prefer Portuguese homes where you can probably speak to your neighbours in English! So, where should you start your search?

5 of the best Greek islands for sailing

Greek island hopping is on many people’s bucket lists. Whether in your own boat or a rental, there really is no better way to explore and enjoy the islands than by sea. If you’re a keen sailor, then you may also be wondering where to buy property to use as a base for regular sailing holidays in Greece.