Italian stone houses with character

Italian stone houses aren’t always a farmhouse in the Tuscan hills; their features can vary to reflect the landscape and local building materials.

Beautiful Italian villages you can reach by train

There is no shortage of beautiful Italian villages. You can find them in the countryside, by the lakes and on the coast. To help you find the perfect “borgo” for you, here are six that you can reach by car or train.

Florida news update

Vaccination rate Covid cases in Florida have started to decrease, with a current 7 day rolling average of 5,826 cases. The state’s vaccination roll-out is well underway, with around 1.5 million Floridians having received both doses of the vaccine and around 1.3 million having received the first dose. Florida had originally taken a different approach than most other states, choosing to vaccinate as many over 65s as possible before essential workers and the medically vulnerable under 65. However, as of just yesterday (24 February), it was announced that teachers and police aged over 50 will star

Cyprus: what we loved in lockdown

When the world was first struck by Covid-19, Cyprus had very few cases. We were patting ourselves on the back because while we did have some restrictions, the entire population could continue socialising and having fun. Tourists continued to arrive and all was ‘hunky dory’ as they say. Then we had a second wave. 

Holiday home hotspots of Western Cyprus

Cyprus’s ancient history, stunning beaches and breath-taking landscapes have led many property buyers to fall in love with the island. After all, according to ancient mythology, the western region of Paphos is where Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love – rose from the waters. Could your dream holiday home be in Cyprus? To help you with your search, we take you on a journey through some holiday home hotspots in Western Cyprus.

Living in France – vive la différence!

Ah, La Belle France (beautiful France)! Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting one day, or even living in France for good? Whether you’re drawn to boulevards, cafés and galleries, would love an affordable country cottage to grow veggies and keep chickens, or long to sun yourself all year on the ritzy Côte d’Azur, there’s something in France for every taste.