Where to buy property in rural Spain

Following two years of uncertainty, lockdowns and vaccinations due to the pandemic, Spain’s property market is booming. Buyers are heading for the countryside, swapping city apartments for spacious rural homes, both for second properties and main residences. But where should you buy property in rural Spain, and why?

5 surprising things that you need a French licence for

France, like anywhere else, requires you to attain licences to do many things legally. Tasks like exchanging driving licences and obtaining licences to run businesses may well be obvious. But here are some potentially surprising things for which you must also obtain a French licence.

6 steps to buying a home in Greece

Buying a property in Greece may be the best decision you ever make. Stunning beaches and scenery, affordable housing, delicious cuisine, friendly locals… we could go on and on about why Greece is an excellent choice for a holiday home or forever home. But how do you buy property in Greece? We outline the property buying process in six simple steps.

Cyprus relaxes Covid entry requirements

Earlier this month, Cyprus changed its Covid rules, both for visitors and for the Cypriot population. So, what are the rules currently and do they benefit you?