How did France mourn the Queen’s death?

A large numbers of expats move to France every year and having permanently made France my home, I can confirm we are both welcomed and accepted. But sometimes, things happen back in the country we used to call home, acting as a stark reminder that we originate from elsewhere. And this week, British expats have been affected by the sad news of the death of the Queen.

Australian house prices are finally becoming more affordable

If you’ve been considering buying a home in Australia but have been put off by the huge rises in prices since the pandemic, now might be the perfect time to think again. Prices are returning to more sensible levels, as a report from Core Logic highlights.
Portugal to speed up golden visa process  

Portugal to speed up golden visa process  

Post-Brexit, a move to Portugal has been made easier by the golden visa scheme. However, the application process has been criticised for its excessively long wait times. Fortunately, a recent legal case against the SEF will result in a reduction in these wait times, making the golden visa an exciting option once again.