5 affordable towns and villages for your retirement in 2021

Portugal is a fabulous place to retire to. You will find friendly people, a dependable climate, and plenty of low-cost luxuries on hand. In this article, we highlight five affordable towns and villages in Portugal for your retirement.

10 Affordable Properties in Spain

What’s the lowest price you can pay for a nice property in Spain? Are the days of a truly affordable retirement in your own home, with a low cost of living, over? Our research, says no, you can still do it!

Emily in Paris: a real or cliché version of Parisian life?

Have you ever thought about packing your bags and embarking on a new life in the city of love? That’s exactly what happens in Netflix’s most talked-about new series, ‘Emily in Paris.’ If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve probably heard of it, mainly because of the large response from French television critics and viewers.

How is the ski property market faring?

There is nothing quite like skiing down a mountain in freshly groomed snow, hearing the rush of the wind in your ears, marvelling at the beauty of the surroundings and feeling uplifted by the sheer wonder of it all. Skiing has long been one of the most popular sports for many British people. Now, perhaps more than at any other time, ski lovers will be keen to try it all again. So how is the ski property market faring at the moment?

First 10 things to do when moving to Italy

Thousands of British people have made the move to Italy in the past few weeks – and many more are still in the process – as they beat the Brexit transition door closing. So, what do you need to do as soon as you step off the plane?