Six stunning villages in County Cork

Nestled in its south west corner, Cork is Ireland’s largest county and is home to some of its most incredible scenery, as well as Cork City itself – widely regarded as the ‘real Irish capital’. Cork City is an exciting place to be, but today we’re venturing out of the city limits to reveal the surrounding area, investigating the best locations, climate and prices of property.

How is coronavirus affecting Ireland?

It’s difficult to plan ahead right now, but, as strict measures come into place, we’re confident things will return to normal in a few months. We spoke to Dublin local Sarah about the situation in Ireland now.

Why Italian culture will get us through coronavirus

Coronavirus has halted many people’s plans, but our dreams of a better future will get us through it. Most Italians put the land, family, community and healthy living above work and money. It is this culture that will help us through these times and which means you should hold onto your dream of living here.

A postcard from locked down Spain

Now into our second week of lockdown in Spain, we’re learning a lot about human nature despite being confined to our homes. We are allowed out only to buy food and medicine or to walk the dog – and that just a few metres from the house.
Your property purchase and coronavirus

Your property purchase and coronavirus

Coronavirus makes this an uncertain time if you’re in the process of buying an overseas property or you’re an existing owner. There are still many unknowns, but here we offer some guidance on your next move

Understand American tax: your comprehensive guide

One thing most of us know (and like) about the USA is that it’s a work-hard, tax-low nation. But then you get to the check out and they ask for a “sales tax”? It’s confusing! Let’s understand US taxes…