7 easy ways to make new friends in Greece

If you have moved to Greece recently you may be wondering how you can make new friends. This could be difficult if you don’t speak the language, but it isn’t impossible if you make an effort to get out and about.

Let’s retire to Puglia

If you are looking for a sunny piece of Italy that is affordable, easy to get to, and offers a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, then the region of Puglia is a superb choice.

Running a guesthouse in southern France

One lunchtime after a large glass of wine, Dr Phill Edwards suggested to his partner that they sold up in Clapham and rented whilst searching the perfect location for their dream guest house business.

7 ways to make new friends in Spain

In our last readers’ survey, over 30% of you said that making new friends was a big part of your move to Spain. But that’s not always so easy, with language difficulties and people coming and going. So how do you find a regular, reliable and permanent group of friends in Spain?

Your favourite spots in the Algarve

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, miles of sandy beaches and lots of world-class golf courses, it’s easy to see why the Algarve is one of Portugal’s most attractive places for foreign buyers.

Why Greece is a safe place to live

It’s natural to be concerned about your personal safety when moving abroad. The good news is that Greece is exceptionally safe, with a special police force dedicated to helping the international community. So if such concerns are contributing to your decision regarding buying a property in Greece, let me alleviate any fears you may have.