Do I need a car in Cyprus?

Cyprus is small, and one of its great joys is being in the snowy Troodos Mountains in the morning and basking in the sun on the beach in the afternoon. But one question overseas buyers often have is whether it’s really necessary to have a car in Cyprus. The answer is a yes and no – find out more in my guide to getting round in Cyprus.

What’s it like moving to Italy as a single person?

Some people buying property are moving to Italy as a single person, others unexpectedly become single further down the line. Could you live alone in Italy? How easy is it to  fit in, make friends and learn the culture? And go on, what about finding romance in il bel paese? I spoke to fellow expat Valerie about her experiences.

What’s it like moving to Spain as a single person?

Spain attracts people from all over the world for a variety of reasons: retiring in the sun, coming for work, giving the family a new change. Others still are taking the leap and moving to Spain as a single person! If you’re thinking of doing just this, what can you expect? How can you fit in and meet people – and what’s the dating scene like?

Where are the best places to live in New South Wales outside Sydney?

What does your perfect life Down Under look like? Weekends spent at pristine, white-sand beaches? Perhaps exploring spectacular mountains, or touring local wineries (with a sample or two!)? How about just a short commute to work and a friendly community for the kids to grow up in? If this sounds like you, regional New South Wales is just the ticket – so read on to find out the best places to live outside Sydney.

What’s it like moving to Australia as a single person?

When the days are this painfully short and you can no longer feel your toes, it’s natural to start daydreaming about abandoning the UK for warmer climes. Oz is a consistent favourite with Brit expats, and for good reason. We know it’s a good place for raising a family, but what does it offer those considering moving to Australia as a single person? Today, we’re running through eight of the most pressing reasons why Australia is a great choice for singles…
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