Christmas in Cyprus

I love Christmas in Cyprus. I have to admit when I first came to live here I did wonder what Christmas would be like. I remember the first thing that struck me was how much George Michael’s song “Last Christmas” was played on the radio and in the nightclubs! “Why was that?”, I hear you ask. Well, for any of you who might not know, George Michael is Greek Cypriot and hails from southern Cyprus, and so he is definitely considered a son of this country! The Cypriots are very proud of him, and simply adore all his music, and so do I.

Add a cosy touch to your home with a woodburning stove

No region of Italy avoids a period of cold weather during the winter, so if you’re buying an Italian home you should consider not only how to stay cool in summer, but also how to keep warm on a winter’s night. There are air-con units that heat as well as cool, but electricity is your most expensive heating option, and you can’t exactly cosy up under an aircon unit. Our living room didn’t have a fireplace, so my husband built one himself using the local Puglian sandstone. He carved the soft stone himself, to match the original star vaulted ceiling built in the 1600s.

Spain’s best winter fiestas

Winter might just be one of our favourite seasons here in Spain: temperatures are still comfortable (it’s 20ºC in the south at the moment) but the crowds have gone and it can feel like you have the place to yourself. Only briefly though, because, as any home owner in even the smallest Spanish village will tell you, it’s fiesta time. Cue fireworks, processions, good food, drink and cheer, and a chance to meet and mingle with your neighbours. Here are some of our favourite of Spain’s winter fiestas, beyond Christmas and New Year.

Why winter in France is magical

The winter season is one of the best times to visit France for lots of reasons. True, the beach may not be on the menu aside from an appetite enducing stroll,  but plenty of areas still have superb golden sunshine at this time of the year, there are all sorts of festivals going on, Christmas fairs of course and it is much cheaper to travel there. So, wrap up warm and come on a journey through winter in France, starting here.

Running a holiday accommodation business in Italy

On first visiting Italy you can’t help but fall in love with the history, the culture and the food. What if you could find a way to live that Italian lifestyle and make a living from sharing it with visitors? Holidays that offer authentic lifestyle experiences have become very popular, and in turn offer property buyers many ways to make an income from their Italian home. New entrepreneurs have some very interesting ideas for a holiday accommodation business that makes the most of existing houses and brings tourists to lesser-known regions. It’s a great way for visitors to experience what
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