Living the good life in France – Stoney Oak Family Farm

Some people looking to start their new life in France, arrive as retirees. Perhaps searching for a change of lifestyle and to live out their golden years in a peace. But others still have to work. And sometimes, despite best-laid plans, life can start to take you in completely different directions than you originally envisaged.

Eating Healthily for Everyone in Spain

We are often told that the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest in the world. So, you might be surprised to learn that the Spanish government is introducing new measures to improve the health of the nation. The problem is that, as in many other western countries, fast food and a poor diet has led to a rise in obesity and other health issues.

How did France mourn the Queen’s death?

A large numbers of expats move to France every year and having permanently made France my home, I can confirm we are both welcomed and accepted. But sometimes, things happen back in the country we used to call home, acting as a stark reminder that we originate from elsewhere. And this week, British expats have been affected by the sad news of the death of the Queen.