Can you work remotely – and efficiently – from Italy’s countryside?

Can you work online from the Italian countryside? Over the past year many of us have adapted to working from home, with varying degrees of success! The growth in smart working has had two interesting effects. Firstly, it has increased the demand for homes out of the city, with space to work and enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Secondly, it has led many of us to rethink our plans for moving abroad. After all, why shouldn’t “home” be in the Italian countryside? For the second point, please refer to our visa and residency pages. Essentially, you can stay in the European Union

5 quirky Spanish beach towns

Spain enjoys over 3,000 miles of coastline and has more Blue Flag beaches than any other country! With beautiful coastal towns in abundance, it can be tricky to narrow down your property search.

Full steam ahead on post-Covid travel to Italy

Italy is using part of its multi-billion euro Covid recovery fund to speed up transport services. While most of that will be on high-speed lines, nearly half a billion euros will be spent reopening train lines to more remote villages, including bringing steam engines back to tourist lines. It all adds up to a significant boost for those looking for a new life, or a holiday home in Italy, whether in the cities or the countryside. 

Why learning a bit of Spanish can be a lifesaver when buying a home in Spain

“You’re in Spain. You can’t expect everyone to speak English, and an attempt at some Spanish will definitely be appreciated by the locals. It will also make your early days in Spain a lot easier – take it from me!” says Ailsa, a Spanish homeowner who is now 15 years into her Spanish language learning journey.

Your healthy home and lifestyle by Italy’s Lakes

Italy’s northern lakes offer more than just outstanding views and an easy accessibility. The range of healthy and adventurous outdoor activities seems endless, while homes are probably more affordable than you imagine. Here is what you could do doing and what you’ll pay for a property by Lake Como and Lake Garda.