Affordable rural idylls in the Corrèze

If you’re searching for your perfect new life in France, discovering the Corrèze could be the answer. Home to several of the officially named “Most beautiful Villages in France”, this area has lots to offer.

Could you be an estate agent in France?

Would you like to be an estate agent in France? If you love the country and its homes as much as we do at France Property Guides, it might sound like your dream opportunity. So how can you start your career in French property?

The most sought after villages in France, according to the French

A compelling TV competition programme, showcasing “the most preferred villages of French people”, has aired this week in France. There were 14 beautiful French villages listed, all vying for the title of “Le village prefere des Francais 2020”. Voting was open to viewers of this series until March 19th 2020. It is all about showing off France’s beauty.

New rules for Spanish beaches this summer

By the 23rd of June, all of Spain was out of lockdown and the government’s State of Alarm will not be renewed. Power has already been returned to the 17 Autonomous Regions, meaning that each will determine how to proceed with keeping a check on COVID-19 and re-introducing tourism. The latter is vital to Spain’s economy, being 15% of its GDP. But, in the aftermath of 3 months in lockdown, not all tourists are equal.

Air bridges and normality: the latest news from Portugal

Portugal has been praised for its handling of the COVID-19 crisis and is beginning to ease lockdown measures. With an air bridge between the UK potentially being introduced at the end of this month, we assess what travelling to Portugal may look like in the near future.

New Zealand to move to Alert Level 1

New Zealand has been widely praised for their fast response to COVID-19. Next week the country is expected to be one of the first in the world to move from COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – ‘Reduce’ to Alert Level 1 – ‘Prepare’. Here’s an important update on what life under Level 1 means for New Zealanders.