Life as a novelist in Almería

How I Got Here In 2020, I had a fabulous first Covid lockdown in my beautiful little house in a quiet corner of coastal Almería. Well, not actually in my little house there, that for five years I’d been visiting whenever I could, but a similar house in a nearby village. Okay, I wasn’t actually in the house, bodily, but mentally escaping to it at every opportunity; I was writing a novel set there. In reality, I was cooped up in my Blighty home, taking the daily opportunity to stroll over the deserted local golf course, like everyone else.

Your new life in France: sensational summers

If you’re looking for a more adventurous lifestyle, a holiday home or relocation to France could be just the ticket. As well as the familiar pleasures of markets, beaches and fine dining, there will be exciting days out on your doorstep. Here we suggest a few great days out in France.

Summer sounds: the best music festivals in Spain

It is hot. Hotter than usual and for longer. The good news is that as the month continues, it will become cooler and more comfortable. The south of the country has seen record breaking temperatures, but even here in the northeast, it has been uncomfortably hot at times, especially at night.

Cutting down on food waste in Spain

Last month, the Spanish government introduced a new draft law to tackle food waste in the country. The shocking fact that Spain wastes 1.36 million tonnes of edibles and drinks each year has triggered a rethink of what to do with unwanted foodstuffs. Spain’s neighbour, France, began to deal with the problem back in 2016 when supermarkets and other large food outlets were banned from throwing away food and instead donated it to charities.