Slowly, slowly life returns to Spain

Spain’s lockdown is being released in phases, with hopes for saving some of the country’s summer season. But there are different plans for different regions, so what’s the latest in your favourite costa?

Can you retire to the USA?

It’s here: the ultimate ‘me time’! Sweet, sweet retirement. If you’re determined to make the most of it, good for you! Today we’re taking a closer look at whether you can retire to the USA, and considering your visa and healthcare options. We’re also checking out some fantastic corners of the country where you can start your search.

Living with the lockdown in Cyprus

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Cyprus, but I am glad to see it has had nowhere near as bad an effect as on the UK, France or Spain. Maybe that’s because the lockdown in Cyprus came in very early. 

How is the USA adapting to life under lockdown?

Despite the US government being criticised for their slow response to COVID-19, action has been ramped up in recent weeks, with a number of measures introduced to protect and support the American people.