Cutting down on food waste in Spain

Last month, the Spanish government introduced a new draft law to tackle food waste in the country. The shocking fact that Spain wastes 1.36 million tonnes of edibles and drinks each year has triggered a rethink of what to do with unwanted foodstuffs. Spain’s neighbour, France, began to deal with the problem back in 2016 when supermarkets and other large food outlets were banned from throwing away food and instead donated it to charities.

The best places to buy property in the Pyrenees Atlantiques

The Pyrenees Atlantiques is a department of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and lies at the extreme south west of France. One of the most beautiful departments in France, it was originally named the Basses-Pyrenees and was one of the first of the 83 departments created during the French revolution.

Job shortage in Spain opens doors for non-EU citizens

It is not only the UK that is suffering from a labour shortage. Spain too needs more workers, and last month the Security and Migration minister, Jose Luis Escriva, announced that requirements and rules for work permits will be eased.

Why tennis lovers buy property in Miami

Miami is more than just a playground of the rich and famous, it’s a sporting hotspot, beloved by the world’s tennis elite from Fred Perry to Serena Williams. See their homes in Miami and the tennis property in Florida that you can buy.

How to survive the rising cost of living in Spain

While Spain ranks highly for affordability in Europe, it hasn’t escaped the rising prices brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing crisis in Ukraine. In this article, we share some top tips on how to not only survive, but also thrive, during the rising cost of living in Spain.