How is Coronavirus, or COVID-19, affecting Portugal?

How is coronavirus – Covid-19 – affecting Portugal? With most of Europe in lockdown to try and control its spread, how is Portugal coping and what is the expats’ view from the Algarve and the cities?

How to start a tourism business in Portugal

Would you like to start a tourism business in Portugal, and live in the sun whilst earning from your endeavours? You have at least until the end of the transition period to do so simply. Here’s how…

Where are the best places to furnish your home in Cyprus?

So, you’ve bought (or built) your new home in Cyprus and you’re ready to start the fun bit: choosing all your furniture and fittings. If you’re not shipping anything from the UK, you’ll be starting afresh – so don’t miss my tips for where to get the best value and what you’ll need in Cyprus.

Spanish healthcare options for the under 65s

British people over 65 can get free healthcare in Spain if they move by the year end. But what of those of us lucky enough to be living in Spain before retirement age? Here are their healthcare options.

How to get a residence permit in Greece

Whether you’re moving to Greece before or after the Brexit transition period ends, you’ll need to apply for Greek residency. Our writer in Greece has been through the process and explains the niceties.

A Spanish property hunt, by scooter!

When Richard Way needed to take his moped to Barcelona, he grabbed the opportunity to take it slowly and get a fresh perspective on great places to buy a home by the Mediteranean. Here’s what he found.