The Eastern Aegean Islands

When you think of Greece, you most likely think of the popular destinations that tourists flock to: Crete, Corfu, Mykonos. But what about the lesser known Eastern Aegean islands? What potential do they have as a location for an overseas home?

Good news from Spain includes lower costs

September in Spain is always wonderful, even in these trying times. The government is making life easier with a raft of measures to control living costs in Spain.

Five family friendly locations to buy in Cyprus

It’s a well-known fact that Cyprus loves families. Having lived here now for 25 years, I still appreciate how much this country welcomes children. You will always see the locals saying a kind word to them, and they will often give children a sweet treat in restaurants. The family unit here is very strong and it is undoubtedly part of the Cypriot culture. Here are five places to live in Cyprus that are great for children.

Why you will love a property in Benidorm

It’s where the world comes to relax and have fun. You will also find a wide choice of affordable property in Benidorm, and a welcoming community. Who knows, as a new movie highlights, you might just find a new you there too…

What’s it like moving to Cyprus as a single person?

Single? Are you thinking of living in Cyprus but not sure if it’s the place for you? Not to worry: Cyprus welcomes everyone! As a single person, you’ll be treated with respect and find you’ll quickly fit into your local community – and it’s not difficult to meet people!