Travel options across Greece

For travel to major cities and remote areas of Greece the primary mode of public transportation is buses. However, when it comes to travel to the islands, ferries and domestic flights are essential. Those who want to explore the countryside and discover potential areas to buy a home are likely to hire a car.

How to buy property in Cyprus in 2024

Let’s imagine that you have a goal of being in your very own Cypriot home by next year. That gives you nine to ten months to get yourself organized, but where to start?

How Spain is crafting a greener future

Could Spain take a leaf out of France’s book and put an end to short-haul flights? What other initiatives is Spain thinking up for a greener future? Our resident writer, Sally, takes a look.

5 French locations with great autumnal appeal

Here is a list of five French locations that bask gorgeous autumnal glow. From Nice with its extended summers to Limoux with its fall foliage and grape-picking, discover the perfect one for you.

The rain in Spain or lack of it

Spain has suffered from a substantial lack of rain this summer. We look at how Spain is trying to preserve their water. Plus, hear from Sally, our writer, on how to be cautious about water consumption in your own Spanish home.

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