How is the reality of live in Canada?

Russ and Sarah are a British couple with two small kids who moved to Canada in 2015 to a small town called Squamish, British Columbia, an hour outside Vancouver. Here we ask them why they chose Canada, what their biggest expectations and challenges were, and what they love about their new life here.

France announces easing of lockdown measures

It’s good news from France, as Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announces plans for easing of lockdown, including allowing group gatherings and lifting some travel rules. Find out what’s happening and when.

Bouncing back? The latest news from Portugal

Portugal has been unavoidably impacted by Covid-19, but it has been praised for how its contained the crisis, and the Prime Minister sees it bouncing back to a ‘golden era’ as lockdown restrictions begin to lift.

Can you retire to the USA?

It’s here: the ultimate ‘me time’! Sweet, sweet retirement. If you’re determined to make the most of it, good for you! Today we’re taking a closer look at whether you can retire to the USA, and considering your visa and healthcare options. We’re also checking out some fantastic corners of the country where you can start your search.

Spain’s lockdown begins to lift

Spain’s lockdown has now entered its sixth week. Although there are still many new cases being reported each day, they are far from the heights of a month ago. Sally Veall, our writer in Catalonia, explains where and how the lockdown is being lifted.