Living with the lockdown in Cyprus

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Cyprus, but I am glad to see it has had nowhere near as bad an effect as on the UK, France or Spain. Maybe that’s because the lockdown in Cyprus came in very early. 

France’s sunkissed property hotspots

Our nearest and much loved neighbour boasts some of the most glorious sunny spots in Europe, from the Riviera to the microclimates of the Charente. We could all do with some sunshine in our lives at present!

How is the USA adapting to life under lockdown?

Despite the US government being criticised for their slow response to COVID-19, action has been ramped up in recent weeks, with a number of measures introduced to protect and support the American people.

Communities pull together as Spain adapts to life under lockdown

It’s a difficult time in Spain at the moment, but there’s plenty to be hopeful about. From dancing policemen to volunteers making facemasks, the Spanish are pulling together, while property specialists and notaries are making it possible for you to continue your purchase from abroad.