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Discover Italy with the Giro d’Italia

The route of this world-famous road cycling race has just been announced, and we are all excited to see what towns and villages it will pass through in May 2020. The TV coverage will highlight some famous landmarks but also lesser known towns. You may even spot your dream home.    

7 steps to a stress-free renovation

Italy has many affordable properties for sale in need of renovation. Many of them have charming features that entice buyers who have an eye for how a characterful property can become a home. My husband and I found it extremely rewarding renovating ours, and we picked up a few tips on the way! Here are our 7 points for a smooth renovation.

Could you live next to a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Italy has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than any other country. This recognition and the high visitor numbers each site attracts, demonstrate how highly regarded Italy’s culture, archaeology, environment and landscape are in the world. What’s amazing is that you can actually live near many of these sites.

Could you get paid to move to Molise?

Move to Molise and start a business, and you could be rewarded with 700 euros a month over the first three years. This tiny Italian region hopes this exciting new initiative will help regenerate small villages that are becoming depopulated, and bring in new life to its rural communities. So what are you waiting for?

How to ditch the daily grind and make money in Italy

There are British people who have already taken back control of their own lives and moved to Italy to work and enjoy “La dolce vita”. Non-EU citizens such as Americans, Canadians and Australians have too. They all took their dream of a better work-life balance and made it a reality in this beautiful land they now call home. And, you can too.