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Buying land to build on in Italy

Imagine building your perfect home from scratch, exactly how you want, from the living space layout, to the number of bedrooms and any extras (Home gym? Art studio? Workshop?). That’s exactly what many do, and they all say how rewarding it is. Before you can build, though, you need to find a plot. So how do you find building land in Italy?

How could you retire to Italy?

Planning to retire to Italy can be both exciting and daunting, but with advice from other expats who have done it, and guidance from experts, you’re in safe hands. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing on your own sun terrace sipping prosecco! Here are your need-to-knows to make your dream of retiring to Italy a reality.

How to find your Italian interior design style

Italian style can be summed up as understated timeless luxury. Italians make glamour look effortless. They can put a crisp white shirt and jacket with a pair of brand name jeans, and look like a movie star. Whether making clothes or furniture you will find simple stylish lines, quality materials and great workmanship. Italian designers, artists, craftspeople and furniture makers have a passion for what they do.