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Julia moved to Italy in 2010 and has renovated a masseria in Puglia.

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You loved the movie, now buy the house!

Ever watched a movie and thought “I’d love to live there”? Being somewhat photogenic, Italy has been the luscious backdrop for dozens of movie greats. But where are they? Let us take you on a trip to Italy’s most famous film sets… No matter how weak the story line, I can watch a film showing Italy, over and over again, just to see the Italian locations. I watched Inferno just after visiting Florence, and spent most of the film spotting places I’d seen. “Look there’s the Boboli gardens, the font in the baptistery, and Palazzo Vecchio”.

If you love Tuscany, you will also love Umbria

If you are searching for a scenic location rich in history and art, where your budget will stretch to a property larger than a bedsit in Florence, then Umbria is just the place. Just like neighbouring Tuscany you will find rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, woods, lakes, rivers and mountains. There are country lanes bordered with cypress trees, and charming hill top villages to explore. No wonder, the Umbria tourism website , refers to it as the “Green heart of Italy” (Cuone verde d’italia)

Discovering the 10 provinces of Tuscany

Tuscany is the dream location in Italy, with its gently rolling hills, cypress trees, every jaw-droppingly beautiful village, it seems, offering a quiet church with renaissance frescoes. But Tuscany is bigger than Wales and includes many different types of landscapes and cities. Read our guide to the 10 provinces of Tuscany.

Italy’s sensational summer, 2021

What a summer we have had in Italy. The summer heat arrived early and with it a feeling of optimism for better times to come. The sports teams did brilliantly, the sun shone, and shone, travel restarted and the celebrities arrived… Catch up with the news from Italy 

12 great reasons to visit Milan

Whether you choose to live by the nearby lakes, countryside or right in the city, Milan is a wonderful place to visit. Highlights include the shopping, sightseeing and nightlife, but let’s delve deeper into what the city has to offer. Here are 12 great reasons to visit Milan.