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How to ditch the daily grind and make money in Italy

There are British people who have already taken back control of their own lives and moved to Italy to work and enjoy “La dolce vita”. Non-EU citizens such as Americans, Canadians and Australians have too. They all took their dream of a better work-life balance and made it a reality in this beautiful land they now call home. And, you can too.

Italy property market update: August 2019

This year so far has seen an increase in Italian properties being sold, but housing prices are still well below their pre-recession levels and it is a buyer’s market. This is great news for those looking to buy property in Italy, as now could be the time to buy ahead of the curve to see a strong return on your investment in the future.

Is Basilicata the new Tuscany?

With Apulia and Sicily already wowing international property buyers, the latest southerly region turning heads is Basilicata. Is it time to look for a property in Basilicata? Matera is a great place to start looking. EU Capital of Culture 2019, the city has been attracting buyers from around the world. We give you the lowdown on the city and wider region, and speak to Greg from Manchester, one of the first foreigners to fall in love with the authentic Italian lifestyle. He didn’t only fall in love with the region…

Your ten best new friends when you move to Italy

Settling successfully into Italian life isn’t just a question of what you know, but who you know. There are some people that you just can’t do without making friends, says our resident writer in Italy. 

Where and what kind of house could you buy in Apulia?

On the heel of Italy’s stylish “boot” is the unique and charming region of Apulia. Long hot summers and mild winters, 500 miles of coastline, a Mediterranean diet of fresh local produce and friendly communities all make Apulia a lovely place to buy a home. But where are the best areas? And what is a trullo and a masseria and why are they so popular?