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Countdown to buying in Italy in 2019

As you counted down to the New Year and thought about what you wanted to achieve in 2019, was buying a property in Italy on your mind? This can be the year you actually go ahead and do it. If you do your research and go prepared, your next trip to Italy could lead you to just what you are looking for. Here are six steps to include in your countdown to buying your dream home in Italy in 2019.

10 great reasons to move to Italy in 2019

We heard a great quote the other day. “If you’re not happy where you are, move! You’re not a tree.” It sounds like something a wise Italian grandmother would say. Italy has so much to offer anyone who wants to make that great escape. So take your future in your own hands and consider these 10 great reasons to move to Italy in 2019.

Add a cosy touch to your home with a woodburning stove

No region of Italy avoids a period of cold weather during the winter, so if you’re buying an Italian home you should consider not only how to stay cool in summer, but also how to keep warm on a winter’s night. There are air-con units that heat as well as cool, but electricity is your most expensive heating option, and you can’t exactly cosy up under an aircon unit. Our living room didn’t have a fireplace, so my husband built one himself using the local Puglian sandstone. He carved the soft stone himself, to match the original star vaulted ceiling built in the 1600s.

Five Italian cities with stylish apartments

If you enjoy Italian city life or at least being close enough to one for shops, hospitals, restaurants and sightseeing, you’ve probably already considered buying a home in or around Rome or Milan. But there are many other amazing Italian cities. They each have their own style, history and traditions and those all-important amenities. Here are five great cities to buy property, including average prices from Immobiliare.it. 

Buying a home in Abruzzo

Where can you enjoy sunny beaches in summer and skiing in the winter, spot bears in the National park and eat fresh fish caught from buildings on stilts? The region of Abruzzo is Italy’s best kept secret and property prices are unbelievably cheap.