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How do you get a building survey in Italy?

As soon as you walk through the door you may know in your heart that this is your dream home. But, just pause a minute and take off those rose-tinted glasses. Consider its condition and the cost of bringing it up to standard. Could you do it? What will it cost? How do you get a building survey in Italy? You find a Geometra.

How to exchange your driving licence before Brexit in Italy

We have our Italian residency and have now been advised by the UK government to also exchange our UK driving licence for an Italian one before Brexit. Concerned that, after Brexit, it could involve an Italian driving test we have got ours exchanged now. Find out how we did it, how the process works and what you need to bring with you.

What’s it like moving to Italy as a single person?

Some people buying property are moving to Italy as a single person, others unexpectedly become single further down the line. Could you live alone in Italy? How easy is it to  fit in, make friends and learn the culture? And go on, what about finding romance in il bel paese? I spoke to fellow expat Valerie about her experiences.

Italy property market update: overseas buyers snap up rural homes

I’ve often said that Italians think we’re a bit crazy with our love of buying old, rural homes in need of restoration. Well, the figures bear it out, with Italians largely preferring to purchase in cities and rural homes attracting overseas buyers. So what’s next for the Italian property market in 2019? What are prices like and what trends are there?

Where are the best areas to buy a home in the Veneto?

In a country of iconic cities and landscapes, the Veneto still manages to stand head and shoulder above the rest. From the grand palaces and canals of Venice, to the Palladian villas of the Euganean Hills and medieval townhouses of Padua, it seems that every corner of this region has its own claim to fame. At first sight, you might imagine it would be impossibly unaffordable to buy a home in the Veneto – but my insider tips will help you find those good-value hotspots that many expats miss.