Beth Nicholson

A child of parents who met whilst living and working in Greece, having had a family home in Crete for almost 25 years and having studied in Grenoble, France in her twenties, Beth has always felt more at home in those countries than the UK. A Service Delivery and Operations Manager in the UK, she realised quickly that she approaches problems and challenges in a very different way to most and created a successful Operations Consulting business in the UK. In November 2017 she made the decision to transfer both her life and business permanently to Charente, France. Since then she has managed minor renovations on her home, established herself as an integral part of her commune and re-established her operations consultancy in France. Through Kalitera she provides business improvement and project management services to small businesses here as well as administrative support to individuals.

Articles by Beth Nicholson

The first 10 things to do when you move to France

Thousands of British people have made the move to France in the past few weeks – and many more are still in the process – as they beat the Brexit transition door closing. So, what do you need to do as soon as you arrive?

A property market update during uncertain times

With the Brexit deadline looming, the last thing people looking to settle in France needed was the arrival of coronavirus. So, how has the property market in France coped so far and what challenges could it face in the future?

5 luxury locations in Provence

Dramatic scenery with lavender fields and more than a hint of romance in the air – locations in Provence aided and abetted by film and literature seduce many people looking to settle in France.

Quarantine in France? Not yet…!

Although the British government has imposed quarantine rules on people travelling from France to the UK,  there is, as yet, no quarantine in France for travellers from the UK. You can still travel freely, with all transport routes open and French society continuing as normal. That includes property buying too. 

Perfect towns and villages in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is a spectacular mountain range spanning around 430 kilometres between France and Spain. And maybe one of the many towns and villages of the Pyrenees could be your perfect place to settle!