Beth Nicholson

As a child of parents who met and lived in Greece, having a home in Crete and having studied in Grenoble France, Beth has always felt more at home in those countries than the UK. In November 2017 she moved permanently to Charente, France. Since then she has managed minor renovations on her home, established herself as an integral part of her commune and re-established her Operations consultancy in France. Through Kalitera she provides business improvement and project management services to small businesses here as well as administrative support to individuals. You can read Beth's blog here at

Articles by Beth Nicholson

How did France mourn the Queen’s death?

A large numbers of expats move to France every year and having permanently made France my home, I can confirm we are both welcomed and accepted. But sometimes, things happen back in the country we used to call home, acting as a stark reminder that we originate from elsewhere. And this week, British expats have been affected by the sad news of the death of the Queen.

The joys of walking in France

With its rolling countryside, hidden gems around every corner, and dependable weather, walking in France is an absolute pleasure. Whether it’s with or without purpose, walking the dog, integrating with the locals, or sampling local delicacies en route, there’s nothing better than getting outside and keeping fit at the same time.

Your new life in France: sensational summers

If you’re looking for a more adventurous lifestyle, a holiday home or relocation to France could be just the ticket. As well as the familiar pleasures of markets, beaches and fine dining, there will be exciting days out on your doorstep. Here we suggest a few great days out in France.

Will residents face a French language test?

Is the French government planning to impose a language requirement on those claiming residency from non-EU countries? The idea was raised by France’s interior minister this month, but how likely is it to become law?