Beth Nicholson

As a child of parents who met and lived in Greece, having a home in Crete and having studied in Grenoble France, Beth has always felt more at home in those countries than the UK. In November 2017 she moved permanently to Charente, France. Since then she has managed minor renovations on her home, established herself as an integral part of her commune and re-established her Operations consultancy in France. Through Kalitera she provides business improvement and project management services to small businesses here as well as administrative support to individuals. You can read Beth's blog here at

Articles by Beth Nicholson

The taxes you’ll pay in France

One of the trickiest things to navigate following relocation as a new resident, is taxes in France. Particularly for those previously employed back in the UK who intend to start their own businesses here. As many do. Here, we explain the various taxes in France that you need to be aware of as a result of your new life.

How to claim healthcare in France as a non-resident

The French healthcare system is renowned for being of high quality. A national treasure – if you will – of which this country is, very proud. But unlike the UK, French healthcare comes at a cost. For non-residents, it is important not only to understand how the system works but also what coverage they should have before visiting the country.

How to rent out your holiday home in France

Many people in France offer their second home or on-site gites to tourists throughout the summer months. Others buy property as holiday homes, perhaps not using them for more than a few months of the year. With interest and inflation on the rise across Europe, you’re not alone if you’re considering doing the same to make a few extra euros. Letting out your home in France can provide valuable additional income as there’s always demand for tourist accommodation.

How to prepare your French property for winter

One of the joys for expats relocating to France is affordable property prices. As a result, several of us now live in properties that we might have only dreamt of owning in the UK. Larger houses and areas of land contribute to wonderful new lifestyles. But with them, comes maintenance and upkeep. Never more so than in the run up to winter in France.

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