How to buy your dream home in France, in 90 seconds!

You’ve found your dream home, you’ve know the local area is perfect for you and you’re itching to pack your bags and start your new life in France! But how do you get from dreaming to standing keys in hand in your new French property? Find out in our 90-second guide to the house-buying process in France. C’est parti !

How is Brexit affecting expats in France?

Theresa May has put off the vote on Brexit until March 12th, and so the uncertainty continues. Will there be a transition period, or will people moving here afterwards need to follow the visa route? And what about us already here – what is Brexit’s effect on expats in France? How can you prepare and get more certainty around your status? 

How can you find work in France?

So, you’ve found your dream home and want to find work in France to earn some pennies (or more!) or keep busy? It’s easier than you might think: plenty of expats have done this before and there are plentiful opportunities for British people employed in France in all spheres. Here’s how to go about job-hunting.

How to be an expat in France

My husband and I moved to France 9 years ago, thereby joining the 290,000 or so British people who have already established their permanent homes in France. Of the 1.3 million Brits who live outside of Britain in Europe, France is the third most popular country in which to choose to live. France’s lure is pretty obvious: a big, beautiful country with generally a laid back lifestyle, glorious space, rich history, wonderful food and wine, culture, fabulous coastlines and a good climate. So, what does one need to make a success of moving as an expat to France and how does one go about it?
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