Alexis Goldberg

Alexis loved visiting France as a child and always dreamed of living there one day. Fortunately she met a man who had the same dream! So they married, then bought a beautiful 300-year-old character house in a pretty village in the Languedoc Roussillon. Alexis has been writing about France for a decade, inspiring and helping hundreds of British people to move there. She says: "Our only regret is that we did not move to France earlier! The lifestyle is tranquil, the summers are long and hot and the sun shines almost every day (or seems like it does!). We’ve made friends of many nationalities here."

Articles by Alexis Goldberg

Family-friendly France: places your kids will love!

France is a hugely family-oriented country and there are plenty of wonderful spots to choose from in which to buy a holiday home to suit everyone from grandma and grandpa to young children and everyone in between. Here we have selected 5 wonderful spots for you to ponder: all family-friendly and within easy reach of an airport serving the UK.

How can you earn an income in France?

Moving to France is a huge and exciting leap, and, for many people, part of the process of starting a new life out here will be finding ways to continue to make an income. There are so many possibilities, even in rural areas – and you may find your niche in a completely unexpected area! So what are the main ways to earn money in France?

Why I love life in the south of France

My husband and I moved lock stock and barrel to France over nine years ago now: my, how time flies. We are so glad that we made France our home. In a nutshell, it is a far more relaxing lifestyle, there is more space, less traffic, a lovelier climate and we have quite simply never looked back. Here I look at some of my favourite things to do, places to see and events to go to down here in the Occitanie region of the south of France.

Plan the perfect viewing trip to France

It’s always an exciting time planning your viewing trip to France. The key to making it profitable and successful is in planning ahead so that you get to see as many properties as possible whilst giving yourself time for some rest, relaxation and sunshine! Here are my top tips for making your trip a success – and finding your dream home!