Why I love life in the south of France

My husband and I moved lock stock and barrel to France over nine years ago now: my, how time flies. We are so glad that we made France our home. In a nutshell, it is a far more relaxing lifestyle, there is more space, less traffic, a lovelier climate and we have quite simply never looked back. Here I look at some of my favourite things to do, places to see and events to go to down here in the Occitanie region of the south of France.

Plan the perfect viewing trip to France

It’s always an exciting time planning your viewing trip to France. The key to making it profitable and successful is in planning ahead so that you get to see as many properties as possible whilst giving yourself time for some rest, relaxation and sunshine! Here are my top tips for making your trip a success – and finding your dream home!

How do you get a structural survey in France?

Whether you’ve found a picturesque old longère in the countryside, or you’re buying a swish new-build on the Côte d’Azur, you’ll likely want peace of mind that everything in your home is at it should be – and problems won’t crop up at a later date. This week, we’re looking at how to get a structural survey here in France.

How to buy your dream home in France, in 90 seconds!

You’ve found your dream home, you’ve know the local area is perfect for you and you’re itching to pack your bags and start your new life in France! But how do you get from dreaming to standing keys in hand in your new French property? Find out in our 90-second guide to the house-buying process in France. C’est parti !

How is Brexit affecting expats in France?

Theresa May has put off the vote on Brexit until March 12th, and so the uncertainty continues. Will there be a transition period, or will people moving here afterwards need to follow the visa route? And what about us already here – what is Brexit’s effect on expats in France? How can you prepare and get more certainty around your status?