Alexis Goldberg

Alexis loved visiting France as a child and always dreamed of living there one day. Fortunately she met a man who had the same dream! So they married, then bought a beautiful 300-year-old character house in a pretty village in the Languedoc Roussillon. Alexis has been writing about France for a decade, inspiring and helping hundreds of British people to move there. She says: "Our only regret is that we did not move to France earlier! The lifestyle is tranquil, the summers are long and hot and the sun shines almost every day (or seems like it does!). We’ve made friends of many nationalities here."

Articles by Alexis Goldberg

Affordable and rural: Limousin has it all

If you’re looking for a rural home in France that’s both affordable and a nice place to live, have you considered Limousin? It’s a region in central France that’s often overlooked for its more rural neighbours, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have anything to offer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite..

Where in France has good health coverage?

Overall, the French healthcare system is efficient and effective. However, in some areas, there are not enough doctors. We look at the impact that this has had on French healthcare and the solutions the government are proposing. Furthermore, we offer tips for navigating French healthcare, especially if you are in an area that is low on doctors. 

France’s pension reform and its impact on the whole country

President Macron’s attempt to increase the pension age from 62 to 64 has been met with widespread criticism. France is currently embroiled in strikes and protests. This, in turn, led to the cancellation of King Charles’ state visit to France. We discuss why there is so much opposition to pension reform and how it might be remedied. Finally, we touch on what this means for you, if you claim either a French or British pension in France.  

The top 10 villages in France

There are numerous wonderful villages across France, sometimes it is hard to choose one’s favourite! However, French association Villes et Villages où il fait bon vivre, has released the top towns and villages in France rated according to quality of life.

A guide to property in Nice, “the most British city in France”

Its own mayor described has Nice as “the most British” city in France, but in truth the whole world flocks to one of France’s most liveable cities. It also happens to have just about the best weather in the country. But what of the property in Nice, and where should you look to buy?