Alexis Goldberg

Alexis loved visiting France as a child and always dreamed of living there one day. Fortunately she met a man who had the same dream! So they married, then bought a beautiful 300-year-old character house in a pretty village in the Languedoc Roussillon. Alexis has been writing about France for a decade, inspiring and helping hundreds of British people to move there. She says: "Our only regret is that we did not move to France earlier! The lifestyle is tranquil, the summers are long and hot and the sun shines almost every day (or seems like it does!). We’ve made friends of many nationalities here."

Articles by Alexis Goldberg

How to build a fulfilling social life in France

The day you receive the keys to your French home is a very exciting one. You will, no doubt, be itching to move in and make it your own. There is a huge amount to think about when you do. But let us put the unpacking and sorting out to one side for a moment and think about a very important aspect of your new life in France: your social life!

An insight into village life in France

Are you tempted to start a new life in a beautiful village in France? If so, you’re not alone. Many British people, myself included, have done just that and if you asked them if they had any regrets, the majority would say “only that I didn’t do it earlier”.

Why now is a good time to buy in France

Very few people can escape the problems of the present economic climate. However, if you are thinking of buying property in France, whether as a permanent move or a second home, now may be an excellent time in which to do so, despite the difficulties we are all encountering.

7 reasons to purchase a home in Normandy

Normandy is made up of 5 departments: Calvados, Manche, Orne, Seine-Maritime and Eure and as well as mainland France, interestingly it comprises of the Channel Islands which are now a British Crown Dependency. The Queen held the title of “Duke of Normandy” and King Charles inherits this same title, all thanks to William the Conqueror!