How is Coronavirus, or COVID-19, affecting Portugal?

How is coronavirus – Covid-19 – affecting Portugal? With most of Europe in lockdown to try and control its spread, how is Portugal coping and what is the expats’ view from the Algarve and the cities?

How to start a tourism business in Portugal

Would you like to start a tourism business in Portugal, and live in the sun whilst earning from your endeavours? You have at least until the end of the transition period to do so simply. Here’s how…

5 brilliant beachfront villages in the Algarve

With its sprawling stretches of soft sand, ochre-coloured cliffs and deep blue waters, the Algarve’s coast is one of the best in Europe. These beachfront villages put the best of it on your doorstep.

The 10 Best Contacts for Expats in Portugal

New expats in Portugal really benefit from having a strong support network, This article discusses the key people to get in touch with to make your move easier: the ten best new friends when you move to Portugal.
How to choose an international school

How to choose an international school

Enrolling your son or daughter in an international school should be an exciting part of your relocation. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! When choosing an international school, your investigation should begin from the starting point of what you want from a school, rather than relying on internet forums and Google search results. Our writer in Portugal, Amy Grace, investigates.

Meet the new neighbours. They’re a bit wild!

Buying a home in Portugal is about more than a sparkling pool and playing golf in the sun. You’ll be part of a community and a whole new ecosystem, including the flora and fauna. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, you’ll be very impressed with the variety of wildlife in Portugal. So what might you meet on a country walk?