Vive La France! How to be more French

There’s a lot of advice about making the effort to integrate with your local community upon relocating to France. But apart from interacting and mixing with the locals, how can you quickly appear to be more French? Acting like a native and truly blending in. Here we look at 10 tips that will instantly make you appear more French in your attitude and outlook, as well as when engaging in conversation.

How France is coping with the latest wildfires

Wildfires have been very much in the news in many parts of the world. France is no stranger to wildfires, particularly at this time of the year when so often there are drought-like conditions coupled with strong winds. However, this year is currently seeing extremely hot temperatures and due to this and other factors such as climate change and little rain, the risk of wildfires seems to have increased.

Your healthy life in France: the rise of wild swimming

Being large and squarish, in France you can find yourself a long way from a beach. No problem, when there are such beautiful rivers and lakes to swim in. Wild swimming, as swimming outdoors in rivers and lakes rather than in municipal pools is known, has dramatically risen in popularity. It even features in next year’s Paris Olympics. Here we highlight the rise of wild swimming in France, with a few do’s and don’ts and recommendations on where to swim. 

6 reasons to buy property in France right now

Reports show the number of Brits with second homes in France dropping for the first time in a decade. However, there are many reasons to buy property in France now. In fact, many of those once-owning holiday homes have decided to jump right in and are living here as permanent residents. Perhaps accelerated by the COVID pandemic, embracing the “life is too short” philosophy.

Top tips to help you settle in to your new life in France

Moving can be an exciting and scary experience; moving to a new country is even more so. I found that, despite the homework I did on life in France, the best advice often comes from someone who has “been there, done that”! I feel I’ve learnt a huge amount over the years about how to integrate happily with the French. So, I’d love to share my own tips with you, so you’re better prepared for your own new life in France. 

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