Five Tips for the Perfect Barbecue in Portugal

Portugal offers the holy trinity of sea, sun and sand, making barbecue food a logical and mouthwatering choice! A barbecue in Portugal is a true pleasure, and with sun for over 300 times per year, it needn’t be a rare thing.   I’m in the UK as I write this, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a few barbecues, all interrupted by varying degrees of rain!

The friendliness of the French people

We have always been welcomed with open arms here in the South of France by our French friends and neighbours. Contrary to what some people imagine, the French are more than happy that so many British people have chosen to make their country into their new home.  

Making the most of the fabulous French markets

Who can possibly resist the appeal of a good French market? Actually, is there any other kind than “good”?! We love market shopping and it is truly a way of life in France. Most of the people in our village do practically all their shopping in one of the local markets: the food is fresh and almost all of it locally grown, the prices are good, you can socialise at the same time, and you are out in the open, soaking up the atmosphere.

How does driving in France differ from the UK?

Body content: Driving in France presents different challenges from those in the UK. There is plenty of good news here, though, since there is far less traffic on the roads, the motorways are well maintained and there is quite simply so much more space for everyone not to become the victim of any type of road rage! Driving in France is therefore more often than not is a pleasure rather than a stressful experience.

Enjoying and maintaining the outdoor space in your new French home

It’s all good news when it comes to outdoor space in France. Land is cheaper here than in the UK and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on whether to have a flower garden, vegetable plot or simply a terrace or deck. This time of the year sees abundant growth everywhere, particularly in our corner of the Languedoc, where the vines are now becoming bright green and bushy: a wonderful sight!