How to choose an international school

How to choose an international school

Enrolling your son or daughter in an international school should be an exciting part of your relocation. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! When choosing an international school, your investigation should begin from the starting point of what you want from a school, rather than relying on internet forums and Google search results. Our writer in Portugal, Amy Grace, investigates.

Meet the new neighbours. They’re a bit wild!

Buying a home in Portugal is about more than a sparkling pool and playing golf in the sun. You’ll be part of a community and a whole new ecosystem, including the flora and fauna. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, you’ll be very impressed with the variety of wildlife in Portugal. So what might you meet on a country walk?
The 10 best places to move to (if you’re fed up with Britain)

The 10 best places to move to (if you’re fed up with Britain)

Is it all getting a bit too much in the UK? We certainly wouldn’t blame you if you were dreaming of swapping the grey UK winter for sunny skies overseas. If you’re ready to bail out for a year or two, or for ever, today we’re running through the 10 best places to move to if you are well and truly fed up with living in Britain.

Why I love living in France in winter

While many of us are waiting for the springtime to head off for a viewing trip to France, some of those who have already made the break are going to miss the “off season”. British resident in France Penny Osborne is one. Penny explains why she loves living in France in winter, among her welcoming, warm-hearted French community.  

How to rent out your French property

With France the most popular country in the world for holidays, there is always great demand for vacation lets. So if your place will be laying empty for a while, why not make some money from it? Here are a few things you need to know if you are planning to rent out your French property. 

Merger in the south of France dents Catalan pride

A regional renaming in south-east France has put the Catalan nose out of joint. But you can’t keep a Catalan down for long, they’ll probably turn the event into a party. We live close to the Spanish border in an area sometimes known as Catalonia, which straddles both sides of the border. There are around 450,000 French Catalans, largely based around the city of Perpignan which was a strong fortress in medieval times. The Catalans are a proud people, with their own language; a rough mix of French and Spanish.