Christopher Nye

Senior Content Editor at Property Guides

Christopher’s career has been dedicated to the travel business and international property. Educated in Hotel Management at Leeds Beckett University, his first job was catering manager on Caribbean cruise liners. He worked in hotels and restaurants around the world before opening his own restaurant in 1993. 10 years later Christopher’s first book was published, Maximum Diner, and Chris moved from running businesses to writing about them. Having gained a PGDip in Dramatic Writing at Sussex University and a NCTJ Journalism qualification at City College Brighton, Chris became a journalist and then editor in 2005. Having edited Property Guides and led a team of writers around the world since 2016, Chris has an unrivalled knowledge of the global property market, combined with a deep understanding of what British property buyers abroad need to make their purchase safely.


Books: Weekends to Brag About, co-written guidebooks to Mallorca and Cyclades (Harper Collins). Magazines and newspapers: Everything Spain, America magazine, France magazine, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Discover Britain, Monarch Airlines, Flybe Airlines, Saga magazine.


Books: A Place in the Sun, Spain (Channel 4) (co-written) Magazines and newspapers: OPP (Overseas Property Professional – Editor), AIPP guides (Association of International Property Professionals - Editor) A Place in the Sun’s America (Editor), A Place in the Sun magazine, The Times Bricks and Mortar, Property Hub, Spain Magazine. As property hunter and features writer for A Place in the Sun magazine for over ten years, Chris helped hundreds of people to fulfil their dream of owning a home abroad.

Business and Finance

Books: Maximum Diner Magazines and newspapers: Daily Telegraph, Barclays Bank, Nat West Bank, Direct Line Insurance.

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Articles by Christopher Nye

“It’s like having your own Van Gogh hanging outside the window”

A business relationship forged in the tension and excitement of a live TV news studio has taken a more relaxed turn. Friends and colleagues Sian and Sarah bought a flat in Arles together. But buying a new build off-plan, and with the finances reliant on rentals, how can they ensure that their investment in rental property in Arles remains a good news story?

Buying property on France’s north-eastern coast

There are big advantages to buying property on France’s north-eastern coast, and not just in the savings in traveling time. The ‘Opal’ and ‘Alabaster’ coasts are beautiful and verdant, with small towns bursting with lively markets, delicious cuisine and affordable homes.

Good news for Irish rewilding as initiatives take flight

If you’re moving to Ireland for its wild beauty, you could be in for a treat. There is good news on all fronts in Ireland’s attempts to rewild and reverse the loss of biodiversity. See what’s happening in Irish rewilding.

Panic over for UK expat drivers in Italy

The Italian and UK governments have come to an agreement on driving licences. This means that British citizens won’t have to take a driving test to switch to an Italian licence.

Your Canadian mountain home

If you like mountains, you’ll love Canada. Today, we’re looking at some of the best mountain communities in Canada. But once you’ve spent some time enjoying the views, what will you do for a living? And what will you pay for a home? We put our crampons on and went to investigate.

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