Why not spend every winter in Spain?

I want to live in Spain – just not all year! There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best of both worlds, and if that means enjoying a British summer and a Spanish winter, why not? Moreover, limiting your time in Spain to winter means you can rent it out all summer for a healthy profit. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

Finding good tradespeople in Cyprus

Buying your dream home in sunny Cyprus is just the start of the adventure. Now you have to ensure it’s perfect for you, and that’s quite likely to include a lick of paint, maybe a wholesale renovation. So where do you start on finding good tradespeople in Cyprus? Who do you ask? What will you pay? Our writer in Cyprus investigates.

Could you spend every winter in Portugal?

How would you enjoy spending every winter in Portugal, while renting out your holiday home in the summer months for a hefty profit? If that sounds like the best of both worlds – with no Brexit worries either as you’ll be under the visa time limit – here is how to do it. And a few tips on where to start looking in the Algarve.

Should you invest in Lisbon or Porto?

Portugal’s two biggest cities are among the most exciting expat hubs in Europe. As Lisbon and Porto attract Europe’s high-tech elite to start-ups in innovative work-live apartments, we spoke to Filippo Simonato of JLL. He points out the opportunities for both property investors and digital nomads, and the differences between them.
Are you ready to retire abroad in 2019?

Are you ready to retire abroad in 2019?

Could you retire abroad in 2019? All the evidence suggests that an active retirement in the warmth and sunshine of our favourite overseas destinations will give a boost to your health, wealth and happiness. Here we outline the key considerations for making a successful move abroad, from raising the money to sorting out your pension.
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