10 places to find a holiday home in New Zealand

One of the best things about moving to New Zealand is going to be exploring your new country. Both islands offer unique slices of natural beauty that change from town to town, but never fail to take your breath away. Plus, when you’re all the way on the other side of the world – staycations might be the way to go! If you are keen to buy a New Zealand holiday home, this article is for you.

A guide to property in Nice, “the most British city in France”

Its own mayor described has Nice as “the most British” city in France, but in truth the whole world flocks to one of France’s most liveable cities. It also happens to have just about the best weather in the country. But what of the property in Nice, and where should you look to buy? 

The most welcoming city in the world? It’s in Italy, naturally

A leading travel website has asked its clients where they felt most welcomed. No surprise to anyone, the winner was an Italian city. So, where is the friendliest city in Italy, and the most welcoming city in the world? Plus, five essential tips for welcoming your own guests.

Picturesque Peyia and coastal Coral Bay

Tucked away in the picturesque western corner of Cyprus, Peyia (or Pegeia) combines a friendly hillside community with a popular beach resort at Coral Bay and some of the island’s most sought-after prime residences. We take a closer look…

Why you should buy in Auckland, New Zealand

If we told you that you could enjoy city living in a place where the sun shines, you can pop to the beach after a day’s work at your very well-paid job, and where property prices and rent are reasonable, would you be on the next flight? Today, we’re looking at what the wonderful city of Auckland offers to overseas buyers.

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