Finding a builder in Spain

Whether you’re having your home built from scratch or just need your patio repointed, finding a builder in Spain is easy. But where do you start, what will you pay and what are the local rules about building? For example, your neighbours won’t want their summer ruined while your extension goes up. In part 3 of our series on self-building in Spain, we’ve got to the business end of the process!

Homes in the villages around Paphos

Sandy beaches, a lively seafront, ancient harbour, castle and old town… no wonder Paphos is a favourite with British holidaymakers and homeowners. But the area’s magic extends beyond just the resort, with the villages around Paphos offering their own spin on the idyllic Cypriot lifestyle. We look at the options…

Is Basilicata the new Tuscany?

With Apulia and Sicily already wowing international property buyers, the latest southerly region turning heads is Basilicata. Is it time to look for a property in Basilicata? Matera is a great place to start looking. EU Capital of Culture 2019, the city has been attracting buyers from around the world. We give you the lowdown on the city and wider region, and speak to Greg from Manchester, one of the first foreigners to fall in love with the authentic Italian lifestyle. He didn’t only fall in love with the region…

Your ten best new friends when you move to Spain

Moving to a new area can be quite daunting so when you decide to change countries, it’s good to know that help is at hand. In Spain particularly you don’t need to find your way through a forest of bureaucracy alone as there are many people here to help smooth the journey for you. Don’t be afraid to ask though as you might appear to be finding your way when, in fact, you would just love someone to clear your path.