Buying in Portugal, Part Two: Decision-Making

If you’ve worked out exactly what it is you’re looking for overseas, then it’s time to start establishing a timescale for buying in Portugal. This is a crucial step, as it gives you measurable goals to work towards, keeping everything on track. Plus, you’ll find out what should be done at each monthly milestone, so you can use it as a checklist throughout the day. (If you’re still not feeling quite certain on the details of what you’re looking for, make sure to have a read of Part One of our six-part series on Buying in Portugal).

Buying in France, Part Three: Area Guide

France is an extremely varied country, with almost every European climate you could want. Whether it’s the rugged northwest coast, the flat northeast, the mountainous centre of the south or the sunkissed Mediterranean coast, you’re spoilt for choice. In this Part Three of Buying in France, we’re looking at where to buy in France. If you want to know more about planning your move, check out Part One. And, to find out about the timescale, read Part Two. 

Buying in Italy, Part Three: Area Guide

This week, in Part Three of our six-part guide, Buying in Italy, we’re looking at choosing an area. Deciding where to buy in Italy can be difficult – you’re spoilt for choice! Whether you like mountains or rolling hills, cityscape or sea view, Italy has a lot to offer home buyers.

Buying in Cyprus, Part Three: Area Guide

Cyprus isn’t a huge island. It’s less than 200 kilometres, a two-hour drive on the country’s decent roads, from Paphos in the west to Ayia Napa in the far east. British buyers tend to favour the west for permanent relocation and retirement, but the east has its fans too. In this, part three of Buying in Cyprus, we’re taking a look at where to live in Cyprus. And if you’re new to our series, don’t miss Part One on planning your move and Part Two on drawing up your timescale.

Buying in Spain: Part Two

Have you started planning your property purchase in Spain? Decided on your area and requirements? (If not, you probably missed Part One of this six-part guide to Buying in Spain). If you have, then it’s time for the next step: deciding on your timescale for buying a home in Spain. We’re looking at how to draw up the main timescale, and which key milestones to go through at each stage.

Buying in France: part two

A home in France in 2019 is well within your reach – but getting from scrolling through listings to having the keys to your dream home can seen like a confusing process. There are a lot of steps to follow and hoops to jump through. That’s why it’s so crucial to draw up your timescale for buying a home in France. In this Part Two of Buying in France, we look at how to do just that: what time to give for each part and what milestones you should complete at each stage. And, don’t forget to read Part One on planning your property hunt, if you missed it.
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