Your ten best new friends when you move to Spain

Moving to a new area can be quite daunting so when you decide to change countries, it’s good to know that help is at hand. In Spain particularly you don’t need to find your way through a forest of bureaucracy alone as there are many people here to help smooth the journey for you. Don’t be afraid to ask though as you might appear to be finding your way when, in fact, you would just love someone to clear your path.

Living in Limassol

Are you thinking of coming to live in Cyprus? If so, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you choose the bustling south coast around Limassol. But what is it like living in LImassol? Our local writer in Cyprus Helen Epaminonda Smith takes us around her home town.

Buying a house in the Italian countryside

Would you like to own a home in the Italian countryside? For many of us it’s the ultimate Italian dream, surrounded by the sights and smells that inspired centuries of writers and artists. The Italian countryside is easy to reach, welcoming and affordable. So, the $64,000 question is, could you do it? Not only can you, but the price for many lovely country homes isn’t much over €64,000 either! 

Affordable Algarve homes under £150,000

If you crave a new life in the sun, or even just a bolt-hole away from Britain’s gloom, it needn’t cost the earth. While property prices are rising in most European sunshine destinations, affordable options still exist – especially in Portugal. While the country’s popular Algarve region has plenty of glitz, glamour and multi-million euro villas, there’s plenty of affordable Algarve homes to choose from too.