How to find your Italian interior design style

Italian style can be summed up as understated timeless luxury. Italians make glamour look effortless. They can put a crisp white shirt and jacket with a pair of brand name jeans, and look like a movie star. Whether making clothes or furniture you will find simple stylish lines, quality materials and great workmanship. Italian designers, artists, craftspeople and furniture makers have a passion for what they do.

Living in Cascais: Ten things you need to know

If you like the idea of life by the sea in a stunning and practical location, consider joining the large international community living in Cascais. It’s one of Portugal’s best-known and desirable areas. It combines the convenience of living near a large city with the comfort and pace of a smaller town. The thriving city of Lisbon is just 40 minutes away by road and rail. The sparkling ocean is always close, with a choice of vibrant town beaches and wild, sweeping surf spots. Join us to discover Cascais.

Buying in New Zealand, part six: the buying process

Buying a home in New Zealand isn’t too different to in the UK, but there are a few extra steps: how do you find a good solicitor when you’re in a new country, for instance, and how do you get your money across without losing out to changing currency markets? Find out in this week’s final part of Buying in New Zealand.

Buying in Ireland, part six: the buying system

The British have the same right to buy in Ireland as the Irish do, but the legal processes will not necessarily be the same, even if the language is. This week, we’re running over the steps of the house buying process here on the Emerald Isle: when do you sort your finances, how do you choose an agent and how does the sale work?