Foreign buyers rush into Greek property market

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream may be about lovers in Athens, but in the midsummer of 2019 it’s property buyers who are feeling the love in Athens. As prices rise by nearly 6% in the capital and not much less in the islands, no wonder that international buyers are flooding in. Greek property prices are rising fast.

Italy’s property market update, summer 2019

What is happening to Italian property prices this summer? All the signs are that international property buyers are rushing to buy Italian properties right now, with the prices starting to rise in our favourite hotspots. And while the old favourites are as popular as ever, new destinations are beginning to appeal. So where are we buying in Italy as we enter summer 2019?

Florida property market update, summer 2019

The Sunshine State’s success as a tourist destination is breaking yet more records. It’s all good news for Florida’s property market in summer 2019 too. Refreshingly detached from the Brexit saga and enjoying booming levels of tourism, Florida is an exciting place to be property-hunting right now. If you’ve always been tempted by a Disney home, here’s why 2019 is the time to make it happen!

Property news from Cyprus

With many of us heading off for property viewing trips in Cyprus, what can we expect from the property market in Cyprus this spring? The news is mixed. Prices are rising but maybe too fast. The golden visa is working but maybe too well. Rentals are booming but the government wants a piece of the action!