Ireland Property Market Update

For buyers new to the Irish market, a useful guide to what’s happening there is the quarterly report by the country’s leading portal, To help you research your new home in the Emerald Isle, we’ve scanned their latest set of figures, which covers the second quarter of 2022, and listed our key findings.

Australian house prices are finally becoming more affordable

If you’ve been considering buying a home in Australia but have been put off by the huge rises in prices since the pandemic, now might be the perfect time to think again. Prices are returning to more sensible levels, as a report from Core Logic highlights.

Why you will love a property in Benidorm

It’s where the world comes to relax and have fun. You will also find a wide choice of affordable property in Benidorm, and a welcoming community. Who knows, as a new movie highlights, you might just find a new you there too…

9 beautiful beachside properties in Spain

If you’re looking at Spain as a second home destination or as somewhere to emigrate permanently, chances are the weather has a lot to do with your location choice.

Bling vs budget: Spanish homes

Spain is a country of contrasts: mountains and coasts, modern cities and ancient villages, the lush green of Galicia and the arid south. This also applies to the cost of homes which can be as much as a staggering €13,451 per m² in Mallorca and as little as €316 per m² in Toledo.