Where are the best places to live in New South Wales outside Sydney?

What does your perfect life Down Under look like? Weekends spent at pristine, white-sand beaches? Perhaps exploring spectacular mountains, or touring local wineries (with a sample or two!)? How about just a short commute to work and a friendly community for the kids to grow up in? If this sounds like you, regional New South Wales is just the ticket – so read on to find out the best places to live outside Sydney.

Where are the best areas to buy a home in the Veneto?

In a country of iconic cities and landscapes, the Veneto still manages to stand head and shoulder above the rest. From the grand palaces and canals of Venice, to the Palladian villas of the Euganean Hills and medieval townhouses of Padua, it seems that every corner of this region has its own claim to fame. At first sight, you might imagine it would be impossibly unaffordable to buy a home in the Veneto – but my insider tips will help you find those good-value hotspots that many expats miss.

What can you buy in Greece for €150,000?

Moving to Greece might seem like just a dream, but that ideal home by the beach or in a mountain village is much more affordable than many think. For less than the price of an average British property, you can get yourself a beautiful detached home in the sun. This week, we’re looking at what you can buy in Greece for just €150,000.

Buying in Ireland, Part Three: Where To Buy

Ireland may be smaller than the UK, but it’s much less densely populated and homes are extremely affordable – which means more space to call your own, with a decent garden, maybe an empty beach nearby! But with so many great-value properties around the country, where are the top places to look for a home? In this, Part Three of our Buying Guide serialisation, we’re looking at the best places to buy a house in Ireland. If you missed Part Two on the timescale of buying, make sure to have a read of that, too.

Buying in New Zealand, Part Three: Area Guide

If you’ve worked out what sort of property you’re looking for and you’ve set out your timescale for buying here, now’s the time to start considering where to buy a house in New Zealand. For a small country, NZ is bursting with choice, whether you’re looking for rural tranquillity in a farming community or mountain town, or the convenience and excitement of a big city. Plus, of course, there are plenty of places to choose from if you want to be within striking distance of a beautiful beach. In this, Part Three of our Buying Guide serialisation, we’re looking
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