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France in a state of alert over water shortages

After the summer of 2022, dominated by unprecedented temperatures and a spate of forest fires, there are stark warnings of water shortages worsening in France. Following a record dry period in winter, several French departments are already on drought alert with more restrictions certain to come.

France’s pension reform and its impact on the whole country

President Macron’s attempt to increase the pension age from 62 to 64 has been met with widespread criticism. France is currently embroiled in strikes and protests. This, in turn, led to the cancellation of King Charles’ state visit to France. We discuss why there is so much opposition to pension reform and how it might be remedied. Finally, we touch on what this means for you, if you claim either a French or British pension in France.  

Canada relax ban on foreign buyers

On January 1st, Canada’s partial ban on foreign buyers purchasing property came into an effect. On March 27th, significant amendments were made to the prohibition. Fortunately, these changes make it easier for you to become a homeowner in Canada. Work permit holders and property developers – find out the good news.   
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