How is the ski property market faring?

There is nothing quite like skiing down a mountain in freshly groomed snow, hearing the rush of the wind in your ears, marvelling at the beauty of the surroundings and feeling uplifted by the sheer wonder of it all. Skiing has long been one of the most popular sports for many British people. Now, perhaps more than at any other time, ski lovers will be keen to try it all again. So how is the ski property market faring at the moment?

Are winter viewings in France a good idea?

Winter property viewings in France always pay dividends! As the old saying goes, if you like a property when the weather is cold, the nights are longer and the trees are bare of their leaves, you will absolutely fall in love with it when summer comes around. There are many other reasons why winter viewings make real sense, and here we look at some of the main ones.
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