Italy travel and quarantine update

If you’re planning to travel to Italy, it can be difficult keeping up to date with new restrictions and current travel advice. Here we outline some of the recent changes, including useful links to Government webpages, to enable you to access official updated information.

Flights, ferries, trains – your Spain travel update

For property buyers in Spain, this summer presents a unique opportunity to purchase in a buyer’s market with far fewer tourists (and in time for Brexit). So how do you get to Spain? Read our Spain travel update.

A Spanish property hunt, by scooter!

When Richard Way needed to take his moped to Barcelona, he grabbed the opportunity to take it slowly and get a fresh perspective on great places to buy a home by the Mediteranean. Here’s what he found.

Viewing trip need to knows (and a free guide!)

Many of our readers are planning a property viewing trip to Spain. How exciting! And a little nerve-wracking too, finally choosing a home after years of planning. So what you need to know to do it safely? 
The 10 questions your online estate agent must answer

The 10 questions your online estate agent must answer

Your estate agent is one of the three experts who are crucial to a successful overseas purchase. If you’re enquiring on a property online from overseas, their expertise and knowledge is vital. At the very least, make sure you ask them these ten questions to gather as much information about the home and area as you can.

Brexit panic means cheaper trips to Spain!

The evidence is that worries over Brexit, and potential delays at the border and airports, have caused many British people to shun the continent this spring and early summer. Airlines and travel companies have slashed prices on their package deals, while local hoteliers are more than willing to bargain. Sounds like a great opportunity for that viewing trip!