Brexit panic means cheaper trips to Spain!

The evidence is that worries over Brexit, and potential delays at the border and airports, have caused many British people to shun the continent this spring and early summer. Airlines and travel companies have slashed prices on their package deals, while local hoteliers are more than willing to bargain. Sounds like a great opportunity for that viewing trip!

Before you view in Italy

House hunting can be exciting and at the same time a little scary. As long as you go prepared, ask all the questions, do all the research and thoroughly look the place over, this could be the start of an amazing new adventure. Having been through the process myself, here are a few tips to consider before you set off to view homes in Italy.

Spanish viewing trip: your legal need to knows

It’s property buying season in Spain. This is the time when, for many of our readers who have been planning a new life in Spain for many years, the dream really begins to take shape. But it is also a time when those nagging worries about spending so much money abroad become more real too. We spoke to leading Spanish estate agent Raquel Perez. She explained what your legal need to knows to protect yourself as you step onto the plane for your viewing trip. Don’t leave home without reading it!