Richard Way

Richard Way has been an influential and independent voice on all aspects of buying overseas property for over 15 years. He was editor of A Place In The Sun magazine, has edited books on buying in Spain, is a regular on the panel at Your Overseas Home, has appeared on the BBC and helped the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on expat matters. Richard is a property owner on the Costa Brava, Spain, and in Puglia.

Articles by Richard Way

New flights and visas for Madeira will make it a global hub

Could Madeira be the next big in overseas property and lifestyles? The ravishing tropical island just under four hours flying time from the UK is offering a range of visas designed to attract both retirees and working people from the UK and further afield. As well as new visas for Madeira there are also new flights…

The man who said arrivederci to Jamie Oliver and ciao to a one-euro home in Italy

We’ve all heard about Italy’s one-euro homes, but in practice, does anyone ever buy one? And many of us have imagined starting afresh in a new country and making a real difference in the world. One man who moved from a flat in north London to Sicily shows just what opportunities are out there, at minimal cost, if you’re willing to be bold.

All roads lead to Rhodes!

A top pick for holidaymakers in Europe and the home of a new global initiative for sustainable tourism, Rhodes is fast becoming one of the most exciting islands to own a Greek property.
A year on from Brexit, what’s changed?

A year on from Brexit, what’s changed?

Brexit, schmexit: a year after the transition period ended Brits are buying homes and planning exciting retirements in our favourite European destinations just like we always did. Processes have been smoothed out, a host of professionals are on hand to help us fill in the forms and the welcome is as warm as ever. We look at some of the key developments over the past 12 months.