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Keep up with the latest Spanish property market news here at Property Guides. We cover all the updates that matter if you’re looking to buy property in Spain, including legislation, market forecasts, and housing developments. You’ll also find handy tips and insights to help you on your buying journey. Read the latest Spanish property news below.


Spain’s Golden Visa: invest your way to residency

Spain’s Golden Visa: invest your way to residency

Since the UK has left the European Union, British residents can no longer live and work in Spain as they please. For tourists or short-term visitors, nothing has really changed: you can enter Spain without a visa, but you can only stay for 90 days within a 180-day period. However, those who want to spend longer than this in Spain – perhaps for retirement or a permanent move – will need a visa.

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Let’s retire to the Costa Brava

A retirement on the Costa Brava will never be boring. North-east Spain is the work-hard-play-hard part of the country, and if you don’t need to work hard any more, so much the better! So, what will you spend your days doing if you retire to the Costa Brava?

New rules for Spanish beaches this summer

As of 23 June all of Spain is out of lockdown and the government’s State of Alarm will not be renewed, for now. Power has already been returned to the 17 Autonomous Regions, meaning that each will determine how to proceed with keeping a check on COVID-19 and re-introducing tourism. The latter is vital to Spain’s economy, being 15% of its GDP.

Spain post-lockdown: will the property market change?

“Thanks to the good practice by Spain’s citizens, 52% of the country will move to Phase 3 of lockdown on the 8th of June,” said the Spanish Minister for Health. Phase 3 is the final phase of releasing the Spanish people from one of the strictest confinements in Europe.

6 ways to buy safely in Spain

As the lockdown in England nears its end and travel overseas can resume very soon, now’s the time to start planning your move. Flights to Spain are available to book now for your viewing trip! But how can you do it safely? Here are our top tips for safer viewings.

Slowly, slowly life returns to Spain

Spain’s lockdown is being released in phases, with hopes for saving some of the country’s summer season. But there are different plans for different regions, so what’s the latest in your favourite costa?

Spain after Covid: your questions answered

What will happen to prices in Spain after coronavirus, can we view Spanish property online, will there be a Brexit extension…? Over the past few weekends Spain Property Guides has taken part in webinars featuring leading estate agents across Spain, from the Costa del Sol to Costa Blanca via AlmerÍa, as well as a Spanish property lawyer Raquel Perez.

Spain’s lockdown begins to lift

As Spain prepares to salvage what it can of its summer season, our writers on the costas spoke to estate agents to see how the property market will return (and what might happen to home prices when it does).

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