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7 ways to make new friends in Spain

7 ways to make new friends in Spain

In our last readers’ survey, over 30% of you said that making new friends was a big part of your move to Spain. But that’s not always so easy, with language difficulties and people coming and going. So how do you find a regular, reliable and permanent group of friends in Spain?

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Enjoying summer with an eye to your wallet

How can you enjoy your summer in Spain without spending a fortune? There are simple ways to save your money which we list below. Summer has arrived in Spain and we usually find we spend more at this time of year. Perhaps you will have a couple of ice creams a day, or will go out to eat more often or visit new places? Snacks on the beach, live music, fiestas all contribute to a larger than normal outlay. We suggest a few ways to save money while still having fun.

Swings and Roundabouts

Spain is seeing price rises for property for the first time in 8 years. Is this likely to be a permanent trend or will Brexit bring them down again? Looking at the Spanish and British Press comments about the property market in Spain, you might be forgiven for feeling confused. On the one hand, some experts are saying that prices are likely to rise by as much as 12% over the next year, on the other side some suggest that the British are less likely to buy which will impact on the Spanish property market.

What now for the British living in Spain?

Will Spain suffer as a result of the British vote? What will happen to property, healthcare and tourism for the current and future British living in Spain?   The world woke up to a new order on 24th June 2016. The United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union, which will, no doubt, result in many changes affecting the whole world one way or another. Here in Spain the shock result resulted in the biggest fall in its stock market history, with Spanish companies in the UK receiving the biggest hit.

What to do during a short stay in Madrid

Madrid has much more than just wonderful museums and tapas bars. Why not visit its parks or go to a major event in the city? It is a surprising fact that many expats living in Spain have never been to the capital city, Madrid. Some may have passed through Madrid Barajas airport (a maze not easily negotiated) but there seem to be so many who haven’t actually spent time in this wonderful, cultural world, with plenty of parks and green public areas – and enough museums and exhibitions to keep even the strongest culture vulture busy for some time. This year Madrid also hosts some amazing concerts.

EU Referendum Straw Poll: In or Out of Europe?

The possibility of a Brexit following the upcoming referendum is of major concern and interest to British people living in Spain, whether they are retired or not. A quick poll around a lunch table by our expat on the ground produced an interesting result.   Whenever you meet British people here, the subject for discussion these days is the EU Referendum and the possibility of a Brexit, just as it is in the United Kingdom. The other day, I was with a group of 20 expats for a tour of Gala’s Castle at Pubòl in Catalonia (Gala was Salvador Dalí’s Russian wife). Our guide, Nik Duserm, kept us

Hidden Costs of Making a Phone Call

What’s the difference between an 807 prefix and 903? Confused? We explain the differences between commonly used numbers in Spain   Telephone number prefixes in Spain can be confusing when it comes to the cost of using them, in particular those numbers which begin with 800 or 900. Some will be free, but others charge premium rates and you could end up with a hefty telephone bill at the end of the month. You might assume that the cost for an 800 number is the same as for 803 but this is not the case. Here is a guide for the most common numbers:

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