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Local summer events

Have you ever seen a human tower? Fancy a trip to a chic evening market? How about music on the beach or revisiting old Havana? You can do all of these things and more in a small area of the Costa Brava.  

One Million Bank Accounts Closed by Spanish Banks

Bank accounts in Spain are being closed down. What do you have to do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Spanish banks have closed up to one million bank accounts. This sounds dramatic and some believe impossible, but the banks are required under the Law to do so. In order to restrict money laundering, all banks in Spain were required to obtain photocopies of identity cards or passports of each and every customer by the end of 2015.

Let us have dual identities – post-referendum petition for British-Spanish citizenship

For the many thousands of British people resident in Spain, Brexit has created a feeling of uncertainty about their future. A petition seeks to address their concerns by asking for Spanish and British citizenship. Two British journalists living in Spain have launched a petition to the Spanish government requesting that British citizens who have been resident in Spain for ten years or more be allowed to hold dual British/Spanish citizenship. This could affect around 400,000 British people and would remove some of the uncertainty British people living in Spain currently face following the vote t

The Trouble in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plane

It has been an uncomfortable summer for air travellers, with strikes and operational difficulties affecting many flights to and from Spain, and Barcelona suffering the most. We look at what lies behind the problems. It has not been an easy time of late for Spain and its airlines; for many people travelling to and from the country, there are still more problems on the way. Passengers have been left stranded for hours and now there is a threat of strike action.

Spanish Marine Association successfully encourages boating on Spanish shores

The Spanish marine industry association, ANEN, launched a successful campaign to encourage people to get in the water earlier this year. Called “Embárcate” – or “Go boating!” – the campaign was launched in officially in March 2016, in conjunction with the Nautical Congress that was hosted in Barcelona, and aims to encourage more people aged 25-45 to get into boating.

Focus on Inheritance Tax and Legalities

We asked Spanish property experts for their thoughts and guidance on the effects of Brexit for expats and property buyers in Spain. What are the effects on inheritance? EEA citizens currently pay the same inheritance tax as locals in Spain, however, as these double-taxation treaties are not created by the EU, Brexit should not affect these UK-Spain tax agreements. So, the reassuring news is that nothing will really change over the next two years. The main implication of the Leave decision that you need to be concerned with in the short term is the effect on exchange rates, and therefore your s

Enjoying summer with an eye to your wallet

How can you enjoy your summer in Spain without spending a fortune? There are simple ways to save your money which we list below. Summer has arrived in Spain and we usually find we spend more at this time of year. Perhaps you will have a couple of ice creams a day, or will go out to eat more often or visit new places? Snacks on the beach, live music, fiestas all contribute to a larger than normal outlay. We suggest a few ways to save money while still having fun.

Swings and Roundabouts

Spain is seeing price rises for property for the first time in 8 years. Is this likely to be a permanent trend or will Brexit bring them down again? Looking at the Spanish and British Press comments about the property market in Spain, you might be forgiven for feeling confused. On the one hand, some experts are saying that prices are likely to rise by as much as 12% over the next year, on the other side some suggest that the British are less likely to buy which will impact on the Spanish property market.

What now for the British living in Spain?

Will Spain suffer as a result of the British vote? What will happen to property, healthcare and tourism for the current and future British living in Spain?   The world woke up to a new order on 24th June 2016. The United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union, which will, no doubt, result in many changes affecting the whole world one way or another. Here in Spain the shock result resulted in the biggest fall in its stock market history, with Spanish companies in the UK receiving the biggest hit.

What to do during a short stay in Madrid

Madrid has much more than just wonderful museums and tapas bars. Why not visit its parks or go to a major event in the city? It is a surprising fact that many expats living in Spain have never been to the capital city, Madrid. Some may have passed through Madrid Barajas airport (a maze not easily negotiated) but there seem to be so many who haven’t actually spent time in this wonderful, cultural world, with plenty of parks and green public areas – and enough museums and exhibitions to keep even the strongest culture vulture busy for some time. This year Madrid also hosts some amazing concerts.

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