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Let’s retire to the Costa Cálida

Let’s retire to the Costa Cálida

Warm, relaxed, scenic and affordable, who wouldn’t want to live in the province of Murcia and its aptly named Mediterranean coast. But where should you retire to the Costa Cálida, what will a home cost and what will you spend your time doing!? We went to investigate.

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How much does it cost to live in Spain compared to the UK?

It’s so important to get an idea of how much the everyday items you need to maintain your life, such as groceries and utility bills, will cost once you arrive in Spain. This week heralds the annual Cost of Living survey, comparing the cost of living in Spain to what you may be used to in the UK. We used the exchange rate GBP/EUR: 1.28 from 18th May 2016.

British investors “owed billions”

The Spanish property industry won’t want reminding of past problems, but a Supreme Court ruling and big cash repayments could boost the property market just as investors are seeing new value in Spain  

Amancio Ortega’s 80th Birthday Party

Amancio Ortega is a private man, who prefers to live simply. He never wears a tie and wasn’t photographed at all until 1999. You may not know him, but you will certainly know some of his shops, which are now present in practically every country in the world. His is a kind of rags to riches story. His father was a railway worker and today Ortega, a Spaniard, is the second richest man in the world.

The Spanish view of a potential Brexit

The debate over Britain’s status in the European Union is not just a matter for the British people living in the country, or British citizens living and working within Europe, it is also of concern to the other member countries too.

Affordable leisure in Spain

Enjoying a meal out in Spain is both a pleasure and inexpensive compared to other European countries and the UK, but eating is not the only entertainment on offer. We look at the cost of various events and activities around Spain.

Madrid to build EU’s tallest skyscraper

The Spanish capital could be about to get Europe’s tallest skyscraper, as part of a massive redevelopment of northern Madrid, which will see the building of 17,699 new homes, a 3.7-kilometre extension to Madrid’s great thoroughfare, and green spaces equivalent to 56 football pitches.

EU tells Spain to ban mortgages with “abusive” contracts

The EU is threatening Spain with action unless it improves protection for the public when taking out a mortgage with a Spanish bank. In a formal notice sent out last week, the European Commission said it “is requesting Spain to bring its national laws on civil procedure regulating mortgage enforcement and payment orders in line with EU consumer law… to ensure that consumers are fully protected against unfair contract terms.” The Commission says that Spain has two months to reply to the notice.

How to pay for your Spanish property

Can you get a Spanish mortgage? How much rental income could you make?

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How to pay for your property

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