Could you find your dream home in Valencia?

Spain’s third-biggest city has a lot going for it – and overseas buyers are catching on fast. Could you join them? Well, how does year-round sun, all the conveniences of urban living plus proximity to the beach, delicious food and a low cost of living sound? And if you’re looking for authentic Spain, then Valencia’s rich culture and heritage is just the ticket.

Wilder weekends: exploring the US’s wildlife

Let’s face it – the UK is hardly Top of the Pops when it comes to potential for wildlife encounters. The closest we tend to get to the animal kingdom, is either a cuddle with a humble house cat, or maybe a fox making a racket behind the bins while we’re trying to sleep. When you move to the USA, it will be a different story entirely. Forget the humble badger, in some parts of the USA, you’ll have coyotes, mountain lions and bears living in your neck of the woods! 

What’s it like moving to Australia as a single person?

When the days are this painfully short and you can no longer feel your toes, it’s natural to start daydreaming about abandoning the UK for warmer climes. Oz is a consistent favourite with Brit expats, and for good reason. We know it’s a good place for raising a family, but what does it offer those considering moving to Australia as a single person? Today, we’re running through eight of the most pressing reasons why Australia is a great choice for singles…
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