Your 10-step guide to retiring in Ireland

If you’re looking ahead to retirement, a new life in Ireland could be just the ticket: homes are very affordable, so you can easily get yourself a detached home with a bit of land. The people are welcoming and it’s just a short hop for the family to come and see you. Here are our ten steps to follow to retire to Ireland in 2019.

Australian property stabilises as market becomes more affordable

While Australia’s economy is strong and stable, throughout 2018 we watched on as Australian property prices fell for twelve months in a row. While these price drops are some of the most significant Australia has experienced since the Eighties, it’s important to remember that they followed a period of extraordinarily rapid growth. Market conditions were tricky for buyers in Australia in 2018. Tighter lending restrictions imposed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and Royal Commission recommendations made banks more cautious with lending than usual. Consequently, house auction pri

10-point plan to living in New Zealand in 2019

You can do it! If 15 years of helping people move abroad has taught us anything, it’s that dividing your emigration to New Zealand into simple steps is the best way to make it. It can all be fun too, as you plan a new start in a land of opportunity. What better way to ease the misery of dismal January? Could you move to New Zealand in 2019?

Your handy guide to local taxes in the USA

Tax is a complicated business no matter where you decide to park yourself in the world. However, when you buy overseas, it’s vital to understand how your tax situation will be affected. For those hoping to buy property in the USA, getting your head around the system might take a head scratching. In America, tax is imposed at a federal, state AND a local government level. Yes – this means that you can be taxed by all three at once! Additionally, the US is one of only two countries in the world to tax non-resident citizens on their worldwide income, although they do offer a tax credit for foreig

Top 10 reasons to move to New Zealand in 2019

As we approach the end of the year, it’s perfectly natural to start assessing where we are in life and what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months. Might 2019 be the year that you make the move to New Zealand? The OECD Better Life Index found that on average New Zealanders are far more satisfied with their lives than those in other OECD countries. In fact, New Zealanders satisfaction levels are 7.3 out of 10 – much higher than the OECD average of 6.5. If, like many, your feet are a little itchy and you think that a move to New Zealand could be the decision of a lifetime, perhaps 2019 will be the
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