How can you find land to build on in Canada?

Did you know that Canada makes up more than 6 percent of the Earth’s surface? That’s a whole lot of space, which is great news for those of you moving to Canada with dreams of buying land to build on. Today, we’re running through how to select a plot and the major points to consider on your self-build journey in Canada.

Can you retire to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a wonderful place to retire. As well as sharing lots of history, traditions and that all-important sense of humour with us, it’s even greener and less crowded, and the climate is pleasantly mild. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy the relaxed pace of life the islands are known for. So, how can you retire to New Zealand?

How can you find land to build on in New Zealand?

Do you dream of building your own home? Chances are that if you’re the sort whose happy to move to the other side of the world, you’re probably game for the challenge that self-building presents. Many expats dream of building a home exactly how they want it. But how do you find the perfect plot of land to build on in New Zealand?

Find the ‘sunny southeast’ in Dunmore East

It’s not often that an April Fool’s joke really gains much traction. However, this year a cheeky The Munster Express journalist fooled the good folk of Dunmore East that Theresa May would soon be in their midst…! Although just a caper, it got us thinking about what this lovely village has to offer those looking to move to Ireland.

How can you buy land to build on in Ireland?

If you’re a Grand Designs fanatic like so much of the UK, perhaps you’re considering self-building your perfect home when you move to Ireland – so you can have it exactly how you want/ So, today, we’re looking at how to buy land to build on in Ireland, and the major points you need to consider before you embark on a self-build journey.