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When can we buy property in Ireland again?

Ireland is being extremely cautious in moving out of its lockdown and that is showing in its very low infection rates. But with ‘phase 4’ in sight, what effect has it had on Irish property prices market and when will we be able to travel there? 

Ireland to move to Phase 2 of reopening plan

Ireland has had a total of 25,111 cases of coronavirus, and has successfully flattened the curve. Today, we’re providing an update on how Ireland is coping and providing more detail on what a move to Phase 2, currently scheduled for June 8th, means for the nation.

New Zealand to move to Alert Level 1

New Zealand has been widely praised for their fast response to COVID-19. Next week the country is expected to be one of the first in the world to move from COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – ‘Reduce’ to Alert Level 1 – ‘Prepare’. Here’s an important update on what life under Level 1 means for New Zealanders.

How is the USA adapting to life under lockdown?

Despite the US government being criticised for their slow response to COVID-19, action has been ramped up in recent weeks, with a number of measures introduced to protect and support the American people.