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Small cities see big rise in property prices

Property prices in New Zealand have been growing steadily in rural areas, while the bigger cities are going through more of a correction. Hastings and Whanganui remain firm favourites among buyers, with demand causing a leap of over 20% in prices. Meanwhile, in the South Island, Dunedin is also seeing a boost in house prices.

Building your own, part 3: finding a builder

Now that you’ve sourced the perfect plot of land and found the architect who is going to bring all your property daydreams to life, there is one final – rather essential – step: finding a builder. In Part three of our series, we’re looking at where to find a decent builder and the steps involved in getting your house built when you move to New Zealand.

Slow but steady growth in Irish property prices

The Irish property market has been a tale of two halves for some time now, with prices in Dublin shooting up during the tech boom, while the rest of the country saw more measured growth. Now, however, the two seem to be coming into step, with slow but steady growth reported nationwide. Could this be the perfect time for overseas buyers?

Is your Florida home hurricane proof?

Weather in America is serious. Few countries in the world suffer as many catastrophic weather events, as last week’s tragic events in Florida and the Bahamas showed yet again. If you’re buying a property here, especially in Florida but not only here, you will need to hurricane proof your Florida home. The good news ias that it needn’t be expensive.