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Why overseas buyers are flocking to Texas

Texas is known for many things; cowboys, southern hospitality, country music, the best BBQ in the world. But did you also know that The Lone Star state is one of the fastest growing states in the USA? Since 2010, more than four million people have made the move to Texas. We find out what’s drawing so many buyers, including from overseas.

5 reasons the world loves investing in USA homes

Last year, foreign investors snapped up 183,100 properties in the USA, amounting to a total value of $77.9 billion. While this is actually a decrease from the previous year, US real estate remains an incredibly appealing asset to foreign investors. Chinese buyers topped the foreign investment ranks, followed by Canadians, Asian Indians and UK buyers. So what’s the fuss about?

How do taxes in New Zealand work?

Just when you thought you’d heard every ranking New Zealand tops, here’s another one: the world’s best personal tax system! Even moving to the other side of the world might not free you from paying up, but, luckily, the tax system that you will be greeted with is incredibly easy to navigate and is focused on fairness and predictability.

Why now’s the time to buy investment property in Ireland

If you’re expanding your investment portfolio, now’s the time to direct your search overseas? You won’t be the first to take the leap – ‘fly to let’ investment in residential property is on the up. With advances in tech letting us search for investment property in Ireland from any corner of the world and speak directly to vendors, you can get started right away.

Starting a new life in Auckland

If we told you that you could enjoy city living in a place where the sun shines, you can pop to the beach after a day’s work at your very well-paid job, and where property prices and rent are reasonable, would you be on the next flight? Today, we’re taking a look at what the wonderful city of Auckland offers to overseas buyers.