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Why now’s the time to buy investment property in Ireland

If you’re expanding your investment portfolio, now’s the time to direct your search overseas? You won’t be the first to take the leap – ‘fly to let’ investment in residential property is on the up. With advances in tech letting us search for investment property in Ireland from any corner of the world and speak directly to vendors, you can get started right away.

Building your own Canadian home; part 2, finding an architect

If you’re dreaming of a new life in Canada, don’t settle for second best – and that includes on your home. If you choose to self-build, you can get everything exactly as you want, and our guide tells you exactly how to do that. We’ve already looked at finding a plot, and this week, we’re exploring how to find an architect and what to expect from them.
A repeat offender’s guide to settling into a new country

A repeat offender’s guide to settling into a new country

There’s something wonderful about starting your new life overseas in a new place: so many sights to see, streets to get lost down, new friends to meet and food and drink to enjoy. It’s an opportunity to live life to the full! Settling in does take time, however, so here are our top tips from someone who’s done it more than a few times.

Can you retire to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a wonderful place to retire. As well as sharing lots of history, traditions and that all-important sense of humour with us, it’s even greener and less crowded, and the climate is pleasantly mild. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy the relaxed pace of life the islands are known for. So, how can you retire to New Zealand?

How can you find land to build on in New Zealand?

Do you dream of building your own home? Chances are that if you’re the sort whose happy to move to the other side of the world, you’re probably game for the challenge that self-building presents. Many expats dream of building a home exactly how they want it. But how do you find the perfect plot of land to build on in New Zealand?