Articles by Amy Baker

Get ready for the January rush

If 2020 is going to be the year you move to or buy property in Ireland, there are a few things you can do now to prepare yourself for the January rush. Today, we’re running through what you can expect from the Irish property market in 2020, discussing whether Brexit will affect you, and outlining which professionals you can get onside now to ease you through your purchase of Irish property. 

5 great places to buy near Disney World Florida

A home near Disney World isn’t just an opportunity for endless wonderful holidays. It’s a great potential investment too – if you know where to buy. Here are the best spots to start your property hunt.

Do I need title insurance?

On the whole, buying property in the USA is very similar to buying in the UK. But one phrase tends to pull us up short: title insurance! What is it, do we need it and what does it cost? Everything you need to know about title insurance.

Swap the British winter for a Kiwi summer!

As the days get shorter, who doesn’t dream of swapping the British summer for a Kiwi winter? The good news is that, as of October, New Zealand has introduced a 6-month visa for UK citizens – so you can do just that!

Which Irish city would suit you?

When you move to Ireland or buy Irish property, it’s important to select your ideal location based upon your intentions for the move or purchase. Are you moving for job opportunities, or for accessibility to nature? To raise a family? To set you off on the right track for your move to Ireland, today we’re revealing the best cities for each demographic…